Slovenian film fest director resigns

    Samo Rugelj, director of the Festival of Slovenian film in Portoroz, has announced his resignation.

    Rugelj, who works as businessman, editor, and literary and film critic, said he was not interested in leading the festival if it has weak financial support.

    "For many years I've worked in private company so I know how basic principles should work. The festival has some defects. For example, I, as director, was not able to invite some financial support from the commercial sector," Rugelj said. The festival budget has remained stable at €100.000 for the last years and is supported by the Slovenian Film Fund.

    Rugelj had a contract to direct the festival for for two years. After he presented his concerns about festival to the Slovenian Film Fund and learned that no big changes are planned for next year, he decided to resign. The Slovenian Film Fund will now look for new director. No specific candidates have been mentioned so far.

    Last modified on 17-02-2009