BABA ZULA come to SOFIA again - the musical finale of the 13th edition of Sofia IFF

    BABA ZULA will play the final note of the 13th edition of Sofia International Film Festival on March 15, 2009.

    The virtuoso performers first came to Bulgaria in 2005 to present live the soundtrack to Fatih Akin's documentary masterpiece "Crossing the Bridge: the Sound of Istanbul". Luckily for their fans in Bulgaria, the 2008 edition of Sofia International Film Festival closed with a BABA ZULA concert.

    Those who have heard them have instantly fallen in love with the unconventional and particularly impressive improvisations of the band! Their original style does not fit any of the genre specifications. Their compositions stir the imagination and open hard to reach areas before the fans. Freedom, which is essential for them, becomes a source of inspiration for their creative spirit.

    The authentic sound of BABA ZULA has been cultivated from the music of the late 1960s and 70s. The band was set up in Istanbul in 1996 by Levent Akman, Murat Ertel and Emre Onel, who left in 2005 and was replaced by Kosar Kamci. In 2003 singer Oya Erkaya joined, and a year later the unique master of ‘live drawings" Seren Oykut. Her presence on stage, and the creation of images with the swiftness and inspiration demonstrated by her are an important visual part of the entity that BABA ZULA represent. Their artistic improvisations are serious works with an original style, sound and character. They use the emblematic in Turkish music wooden spoons and saz (the only traditional Turkish instrument with an electric version) and rely on the centuries' old cultural traditions of their country. The combination of Oriental instruments (such as darbuka, electric saz, spoons, "ney" from the Suffi tradition", clarinet as detail of Turkish gypsy music) and the modern electronic sound creates the peculiar specific sound of BABA ZULA that they define as "Oriental oak".

    In their young and turbulent biography BABA ZULA have staged a number of live parties that have lasted for many hours. Their performances throughout Europe resemble mystic rituals - a mixture of visual art, oriental dance, opulent costumes, poetry, theatre and live animation that offer the audience true audio-visual delight. The famous Turkish actress Sera Yilmiz, who has starred in several Ferzan Oztepek movies will join BABA ZULA in Sofia as their special guest.

    As infers the title "Roots" of their latest album (2007), the connection with past and tradition is an occasion and a reason, a source of inspiration and a drive for action, a provocation and a consequence to everything they have created. The music becomes a performance, the visual improvisation completes the auditory sensations and the result is a unique party with BABA ZULA!

    This is exactly what the fans of music, cinema and Sofia International Film Festival will experience on March 15, 2009 at Number One Hall of the National Palace of Culture in Sofia prior to the screening of Wim Wenders' film "Palermo Shooting", and later the same evening at 4th km Party Centre. Together we shall mark the close of the 13th edition of the Festival and will enjoy an amazing live performance of the Turkish music phenomenon BABA ZULA!

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