12th, 13th and 14th of March 2009within the frame of the 13th Sofia International Film Festival23 Projects of European directors will be presented at the Pitching SessionsMore than 35 films and work-in-progress will be screened in the Balkan Films Showcase programme

    Selected projects for the 6th Sofia Meetings

    Second Film Projects Program

    Radu Jude presents Everybody in Our Family (Romania), producer Ada Solomon

    Kristina Buozyte presents Aurora (Lithuania), producer Ieva Norviliene

    Huseyin Karabey presents Come to My Voice! (Turkey)

    Andri Luup presents Fiction (Estonia), producer Eero Tavistu

    Conor Barry (producer) presents Love Eternal (Ireland), director Brendan Macdowney

    Jaak Kilmi presents The Ballet Master and the Seven Enemies of the People (Estonia), producer Margus Ounapuu

    Gyula Nemes presents Zero (Hungary), producer Lazslo Nemes

    Freddy Mas Franqueza presents Last Moments (Spain), producer Claudia Peris

    Boris Despodov and Andrey Paounov present Mexican Express (Bulgaria, Estonia), producers Boris Despodov and Priit Tender

    Robert Lakatos presents Transilvania Show (Hungary), producer Andras Muhi

    Plus Minus One Program

    Jozko Rutar (producer) presents Archeo (Slovenia), director Jan Cvitkovic

    Yannis Sakaridis presents America Square (Greece), producer Maria Tsigka

    Chapour Haghighat presents The Silence (France, Iran), producer Anne Ferron-Haghighat

    Stefan Komandarev presents The Judgement (Bulgaria), producer Stefan Komandarev

    Ognjen Svilicic presents Heaven on Earth (Croatia, Germany, France), producer Janja Kralj

    Joshua Sinclair presents L'Italo Americano, producer Paolo Spina

    Taavi Vartia presents Petros&Kyle (Finland, Greece), producer Erica Koukouna

    Konstantin Bojanov presents Ave (Bulgaria, France), producers Dimitar Gotchev and Janja Kralj

    Dimitar Mitovski presents The Black Box (Bulgaria), producer Ivan Doykov

    Sofia Cinelinks Sarajevo Program

    Kirill Mikhanovsky presents Fuga Mortis (Ukraine, Russia), producers Oleg Kokhan and Yevgenii Gindilis

    Edmond Budina presents The Dance of Flags (Albania), producer Robert Budina

    Kaha Kihabidze presents Cold Clouds (Georgia, Russia), producer Yelena Yatzura

    Sirri Onder presents Milk Powder (Turkey), producer Necati Akpinar

    Selected Projects from EAVE for the 2nd time at Sofia Meetings

    The Ballet Master and the Seven Enemies of the People, director Jaak Kilmi, producer Margus Onauruu

    Archeo, director Jan Cvitkovic, producer Jozko Rutar

    Love Eternal, director Donald Muldowney, producer Conor Barry

    Sofia Meeetings presents the winning project of the last edition of Crossroads, Thessaloniki IFF

    America Square, director Yannis Sakaridis, producer Maria Tsigka

    The winning project of Sofia Meetings will be presented at the next Crossroads.

    Special Events

    The Robert Bosch Foundation

    For the third time the Co-Production Prize will be presented at the Sofia Meetings and for the first time there will be a "Get together" with 5 German Producers.

    In a sort of a speed dating German Producers and Eastern European filmmakers will come together and pitch their projects and ideas

    CEI Round Table in Partnership with SUNNY SIDE OF THE DOC and State Institute of Culture /Ministry of Foreign Affairs/

    Theatrical Distribution in Central and Eastern Europe and Digital Distribution

    Distribution in Eastern and Central Europe for Documentary and Fiction

    The Ancillary Markets, VOD & TV Distribution

    Presentations of The Auteurs and Going Digital

    European Distributors Up Next! continued discussions at the Sofia Meetings

    European Film Promotion (EFP) launched its new programme "European Distributors: Up Next!" in cooperation with the San Sebastian International Film Festival in 2008

    to support ambitious distributors with the aim of increasing the wider distribution of non-domestic European films in Europe.

    Media Desk Bulgaria presents

    Media International

    Media Development

    Media Promotion, Festivals and Training


    Leading training programmes

    Mediterranean Film Institute Script 2 Film by Apostolia Zakariadou and Giovanni Robbiano

    Scripteast by Violeta Kaminska

    Primepackaging by Frank Stehling

    Tosmi by Petko Durmana

    Discovery Campus by Charlotte Meyer

    Open Class by Patrick Sandrin

    The Balkan Screenings programme will present more than 35 new and work-in-progress

    Bulgarian and Balkan films to directors and programmers from various international film festivals.

    Best Balkan Shorts Programme

    I Know by Jan Cvitkovic

    Blackberries by Nicolas Panoutsopoulos and Ishai Setton

    One Man Note by Daghan Celayir

    Good Day For a Swim by Bogdan Mustac

    Balastiera # 186 by George Chiper and Adina Pintilie

    Life is Hard by Gabriel Sârbu

    Megatron by Marian Crisan

    Sofia Meetings, supported by the MEDIA and MEDIA International Programme

    is an event that aims to promote new projects from young European filmmakers and new films from Bulgaria and the Balkan region

    to European film festivals, sales agents and distributors.

    Sofia Meetings is one of the key spots of the festival.


    Mira Staleva

    Head of Sofia Meetings

    and Sofia Meetings Team