Fourth day - 01.06.09 - highlights

    11am - the screening of the film "The Journey of an Olive Tree" dir. Anton Pichler. The director will attend the questions and answers

    after the screening. KINO MIKRO

    Description of the film: Nine people - men and women; Christian, Jews and Muslims; from Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Israel, Palestine, Ukraine

    and the USA, together set off on a multicultural expedition. Their countries are in crises, members of the expedition have fought on the

    front themselves or lost families as a result of attacks. Now they can face their own views and prejudices. On the way they are accompanied

    by an olive tree, a symbol of peace, whose planting will crown this difficult, emotional journey.

    12pm - 2nd screening in the cycle Short Matters. KINO POD BARANAMI

    Among the sceened films there will be Procrastination" directed by Johnny Kelly and "Love You More" by Sam Taylor-Wood from UK and

    "Frankie" by Darren Thornton from Ireland. We will also show "Tolerance" by Ivan Ramadan Bosnia-Herzegovina", "The Altruist" by

    Koen Dejaegher from Belgium and "Fire" by Laila Pakalanina from Latvia, and "Joy" by Joe Lawlor and Christine Molloy, as well.

    1.30pm - the 3rd screening in the international competition. The directors will participate in questios and answers after the screening. KINO MIKRO

    We will screen among others the films "Goleshovo" directed by Iliana Metev and "Haze" by Anthon Chen. Both directors will participate in the

    questions and answers after the screening.

    5pm - screening of the film "The Beetle" dir. Yishai Orian. (Krakow Documentary Premieres). KINO POD BARANAMI.

    Description of the film: Yishai is a proud owner of a forty year old yellow Volkswagen golf. He is also a happy husband who will soon

    become a father. His wife Elizra thinks that the battered beetle will not make a good car for a family of three. Yishai, before parting with

    his beloved car, wants to know its history. This is a warm and humorous story of the car and tracking down its previous owners. Will

    the man have to choose between love for a woman and attachment to the car?

    5.30pm - screening of the films directed by Jerzy Kucia's Students. KINO POD BARANAMI

    We will screen thirteen films made by students of profesor Jerzy Kucia. Among them there are films from Poland, Switzerland and India,

    as well.

    7pm - screening of the film "The Biggest Chinese Restaurant in the World" dir. Weijun Chen (feature-lenght documentary competition). KIJÓW. CENTRUM

    Description of the film: West Lake is the biggest Chinese restaurant in the world. At one time it may receive over five thousand guests who are served by a team of one thousand employees. The restaurant hosts sumptuous receptions with multitudes of waiters, traditional Chinese dance and singing as well as compères. West Lake is like a small town where everyone has their dreams, goals and problems. Culinary tradition becomes a pretext to present the culture and customs of China and the mentality of the modern Chinese society.

    8pm - screening of the film "The Man Who Would Be Polka King" dir. Joshua von Brown, John Mikulak. The dirrector John Mikulak will attend in questions and answers after the screening. KINO POD BARANAMI.

    Description of the film: From "Polka King" to criminal. This is the journey of Jan "Lewan" Lewandowski who, after his emigration from

    Poland to the USA in the 60's, took advantage of his musical skills to found the Jan Lewan Orchestra. The band won nationwide fame and the

    founder soon began to amass his own, private fortune. It soon turned out however that the "Polka King" wasn't particularly talented in

    managing the illegal side of this windfall and thus the world heard of the greatest financial crime committed in the American Polka Music World.

    9pm - screening of the film "Sergei The Healer" dir. Juha Taskinen, Petteri Saario (feature-lenght documentary competition). The directors will attend in questions and answers after the screening. KIJÓW.CENTRUM

    Sergei is an adolescent boy who lives in a Karelian village. Every day he accompanies his father Santeri who teaches him how to survive in

    the primeval forests of north-western Russia. The film documents the life in Venehjärvi over the period of 2003-2007. During this time

    Sergei learns how to run a farm, hunt and build boats. He takes part in the construction and consecration of a church, finds out about local traditions and customs.


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