Fifth day - 02.06.09 - highlights

    11am - screening of the film "99% Honest" dir. Rune Denstad Langlo (feature- lenght documentary competition). KINO MIKRO.

    Description of the film: Amica comes from Uganda, Haji from Iraq, Emir from Bosnia and Assad from Pakistan. They live in Norway. They share a passion for music that they make together, and dreams about a career. They say about themselves ‘but we are also Norwegians' but at the same time are aware of their ethic and cultural distinctness. With almost 100% honesty they speak and sing about the lives of immigrants in modern, multicultural society.

    1pm - screening of the film "The Parents" dir. Christophe Hermans (feature- lenght documentary competition). The director will attend during questions and answers after the screening. KIN). KIJÓW.CENTRUM

    Description of the film: Every morning in a village house in French-speaking Wallonia looks the same. Alain and Richard knock on the doors of their clients, open the windows, wake them up, help them to wash, serve breakfast and comb the hair of old ladies. Yet another day begins in this very private and atypical old people's home. A caretaker needs to be kind, patient and sometimes cold and firm in everyday work with people experiencing memory difficulties. But both caretakers have to deal with their own problems, too.

    5.30pm Jerzy Kucia's Retrospective 2. KINO POD BARANAMI.

    The second and the last screening of the cycle Jerzy Kucia's Retrospective. We will screen films "A Lift", "In the Shadow", "The Barrier", "The Circle", "Chips", "Through the Fields".

    9pm - National Competition 6 The director will attend in questions and answers after the screening. KIJÓW.CENTRUM

    We will screen the films "I choose life" by Andrzej Titkow, "The Actors" by Tomasz Wolski, " A Chick" by Michał Socha, "Rabbit ala Berlin" by Bartek Konopka. All the directors will answer the questions after the screening.

    10.30pm - Shorts International presents. KINO POD BARANAMI

    We will screen eight short horror films from all over the world i.e. "Occupations" by Lars Von Trier, "Minding Rocco" by the Turner Brothers and "Damnation" by Sean Rooney.

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