+ Zero Film Festival- European Tour Summer 2010

    About ZFF-
    Zero Film Festival - Focusing on a niche in the independent film community which has been under appreciated and ignored, Zero Film Festival is dedicated to screening self financed films from filmmakers all over the world.

    In the age where the majority of festivals are Hollywood marketing campaigns, and even "indie" and "underground" festivals screen financed films, we are here to offer something different. We recognize authentically independent films and filmmakers who take risks and fight the odds to see their visions through.

    The Zero Film Festival is the first festival EXCLUSIVE to self-financed filmmakers, providing a platform to screen their bold and innovative films in Los Angeles AND New York City.

    Participate in Zero-
    We are going from the ground up, looking for interested participants that want to host the festival--venues, music, sponsors, volunteers. The festival hopes to bring Zero to 40+ cities in Europe come 2010. ZFF has had the success it has in the U.S. because of the support from filmmakers/arts community--i.e. people want to make it happen so they put in the time and donate spaces/their talent. As of now, we are all volunteer, trying to make this happen on a Zero-budget.

    Sponsoring innovative directors and authentic films, is what we are all about. Hopefully that is enough to get support! It's a fun festival to participate in, and it's only in it's infancy so it might be a project you want to help out with if you have the time/energy and are passionate about film.

    Please visit our webiste http://www.zerofilmfest.com/ or contact Joanna, for more information:

    Joanna Lai
    + ZFF Team
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    +44 07552 682935