Gdynia Polish Film Festival Competition Spotlight: Last Action

    Director Michał Rogalski returns to the tradition of cult Polish comedies with Last Action.

    {mosimage}Last Action is a witty and swift comedy that has been called "the Polish version of Ocean's Eleven." It portrays the relationship between the grandson, who gets into trouble with the wrong people, and his grandfather who always has "a way" for everything and tries to use it to get him out of problems, with hilarious results. The film is a return to the style assosciated with Juliusz Machulski, director of Polish comedy hits such as Sexmission, Killer and Vinci, who backed project as producer.

    {mosimage}The movie was shot in Warsaw between June and July, 2008. Last Action is produced by ZEBRA Film Studio (www.zebrafilm.pl) headed by Juliusz Machulski, in co-production with the public broadcaster Polish Television TVP-Film Agency ( www.tvp.pl ), The Documentary and Feature Films Studio (www.wfdif.com.pl) WFDiF) and Non Stop Film Service (www.nsfs.pl). ZEBRA Film Studio informed FNE that the total budget of the film was 3.3 million PLN ( €800,000 ) with a 2 milion PLN in production financing from the Polish Film Insitute (www.pisf.pl).

    {mosimage}Michał Rogalski, a renowned Polish television and documentary filmmaker, debuts in the feature genre with this project. He assembled an oustanding cast, including last screen performance the late leading actor Jan Machulski, a Polish acting legend known for his brilliant performances in crime comedies. The all-star cast includes Barbara Kraftówna, Alina Jankowska, Jan Kociniak and Piotr Fronczewski.

    "I hope that this film will be a sort of a comeback for action-comedy cinema of good quality, inspired by the richness of our local and foreign pop-culture -- an attempt to prove that intelligent entertainment is possible without basing it on vulgar language and simple gags," Rogalski said.

    {mosimage}Last Action premiered on the eve of the film festival in Gdynia, on September 11. The Polish distributor of the picture, Best Film, told FNE that 14,332 viewers saw the film during its opening weekend.

    Director - Michał Rogalski
    Screenwriter - Michał Rogalski, Krzysztof Rak
    Cinematographer - Karina Kleszczewska
    Set designer - Magda Widelska-Władyka
    Music composer - Jan Komar, Piotr Zabrodzki
    Produer - Juliusz Machulski
    Production company - Studio Filmowe ZEBRA
    Co-financing - Polish Film Institute
    Distributor - Best Film

    {mosimage}Cast :
    Jan Machulski
    Barbara Kraftówna
    Alina Jankowska
    Jan Kociniak
    Piotr Fronczewski

    Production contact:
    Studio Filmowe ZEBRA
    ul. Puławska 61
    02-595 Warszawa
    Tel/fax: +48 22 845 54 84, 845 65 88
    e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    Last modified on 21-07-2012