Gdynia Polish Film Festival Competition Spotlight: Make Up Removal

    Make-Up Removal (Demakijaż),a female-oriented feature combined out of three movies produced under the "30 Minutes" program, competes in the Gdynia film festival.

    {mosimage}The movie consists of three 30-minute parts made by female directors who are preparing for their individual feature debuts. Make Up Removal includes: Non-Stop Color (Non-stop kolor) directed by Maria Sadowska, Inner road (Droga wewnętrzna) directed by Dorota Lamparska, and Quick Dates Room (Pokój Szybkich Randek) directed by Anna Maliszewska. All three parts are proceeded by a lead sequence that ties the stories together.

    Non-Stop Color is the story of thirty-year-old Muza, who wakes up one morning under a statue of Friderick Chopin. She can't remeber how she got there and she can't find her car, so she takes a morning tram to look for her house in the Ursynów district. When she reacher her door step, it turns out she had also lost her keys. Muza embarks upon a long journey through Warsaw in order to find them.

    Inner Road
    examines one day from life of a thirty-year-old man who is very successful in the corporate rat race. He wakes up in his apartment in the big city, dresses himself, drinks coffee, gets ready for work as any other day. When he is about to reach the door step of his stairway he is stopped by an invisible barrier. This day, leaving the house is a hard as leaving a maze.

    Fast Date Room
    by Anna Maliszewska is a dramatic story of Natalia and Artur, a young married couple concerned with the renovation of their first apartment. Suddenly Artur causes a car accident. Natalie faces eight years with her husband - him inside prison, her on the outside.

    The "30 mMinutes" program is coordinated by the Polish Filmmakers Association (www.sfp.org.pl) and the Andrzej Munk Studio (www.studiomunka.pl). It provides young Polish filmmakers with a chance to create w shorter form, before their feature debut. It offers 130,000 PLN (€ 28,500) funding to each project, along with the professional advice as well as television and cinema distribution of the film. Currently, the Andrzej Munk Studio is in the middle of acquiring a distributor for Demakijaż (Make-up Removal), so that will be presented in cinemas and released on DVD. "The total budget of the project is 800,000 PLN (€175,000)," Cecylia Żuk, a PR Specialist from SFP told FNE.

    The Polish distributor of the picture is Fundacja Promocji Kina Film Polski (www.filmpolski.com.pl), and the premiere is planned for late fall of 2009.

    Production contact:

    Andrzej Munk Studio
    Puławska 61
    02-595 Warsaw
    tel./fax: (+48) 22 845 51 71

    Last modified on 21-07-2012