Potoroz Festival Spotlight: Personal Baggage

    Independent director, screenwriter, editor and production designer Janez Lapanjne follows his film poetics of his earlier films (Short Circuits, Rustling Landscapes) in his third feature, Personal Baggage.

    As in previous films he use a unique narrative structure combinin different stories and during shooting often uses improvisation techniques without the aid of storyboards. Once more he is credited with the script, art direction, and editing. In his previous two film he was also one of the producers.

    {mosimage} Personal Baggage looks at different characters from a Slovenian middle class family. Vid is a talented but spoilt young man smothered in the affection of his adoring mother and heedless of his aloof father. His grandfather is a benevolent but self-important patriarch; and his new girlfriend is a creature of voluptuous innocence, wrestling with the torment of a dysfunctional home. These are the central characters in this narrative of strained love and spiraling desire. The characters reveal inexorable issues, or baggage that they have brought with them. Ultimately this baggage becomes a ruinous psychic burden.

    Underneath the story there is a motive about Slovenian dark history (post-second world war executions) which is still unrevealed. This motive is slowly yielding up as historical baggage, a subtext that director uses to excruciatingly ironic effect. As director stated: "As film author I don't want to escape before problems in the time and place where I live."

    Film use special photography, creating a sepia effect - as if watching old photographs slowly turning pale. The film will have special distributing among Slovenian spectators; it will be shown exclusively in the Slovenian cinematek once a week.

    Production Credits:

    Personal Baggage (www.triglavfilm.si/osebnaprtljaga)

    Production Company: Triglav film (www.triglavfilm.si)

    Co-funding: Slovenian Film Fund (www.film-sklad.si)

    Director: Janez Lapajne

    Screenwriters: Janez Lapajne, Nejc Gazvoda

    Producer: Aiken Veronika Prosenc

    Director of Photography: Matej Križnik

    Film Editor: Janez Lapajne, Rok Biček

    Set Designer: Janez Lapajne

    Costume Designer: Elena Fajt

    Sound Re-recording Mixer: Boštjan Kačičnik

    Sound Recordist: Jože Trtnik

    Makeup Artist: Anja Godina


    Nataša Barbara Gračner

    Branko Završan

    Tjaša Železnik

    Boris Cavazza

    Grega Zorc

    Nina Rakovec

    Klemen Slakonja

    Jure Henigman

    Špela Rozin

    Uroš Fürst

    Last modified on 29-11-2009