In the second half of April, two Ger­man cities - Ber­lin and Pots­dam - will turn into the main cen­tres promoting Polish cinema for a couple of days. Among the shown films there will also be documen­taries. What is more, the festival will be accom­panied by work­shops con­duc­ted by Mar­cin Koszałka.

    Film POL­SKA is one of the lar­gest Ger­man festivals devoted to Polish cinematography. This event is organized by the Polish Institute in Ber­lin and con­stitutes an unusual oppor­tunity for the Ger­man audience to know Polish films, feature as well as documen­tary.

    During this year's edition of the festival, taking place from 15 to 21 April in Ber­lin and Pots­dam, there will be shown the fol­lowing documen­taries, divided into four categories:

    The Solidarity in Film

    - Wor­kers (1979), dir. Irena Kamień­ska

    - The Microphone Test (1980), dir. Mar­cel Łoziń­ski

    - The Birth of The Solidarity (1981), dir. Boh­dan Kosiń­ski

    - The Inter­rup­ted Film (1993), dir. Boh­dan Kosiń­ski

    - Wor­kers 1980s (1980), dir. Michał Bukojem­ski

    - Solidarity, Solidarity (2005), dir. Filip Bajon , Jacek Brom­ski , Ryszard Bugaj­ski , Jerzy Domaradzki, Feliks Falk , Robert Gliń­ski , Andrzej Jakimow­ski , Jan Jakub Kol­ski , Juliusz Machul­ski , Mał­gorzata Szumow­ska , Piotr Trzaskal­ski , Andrzej Wajda , Krzysz­tof Zanussi


    - You can­not choose parents (2007), dir.Justyna Nowak

    - Nothing to lose (2009), dir. Katarzyna Klim­kiewicz


    - Hostan­dalien (2009), dir. Keren Shavit, Adi Omry

    - Chemo (2009), dir. Paweł Łoziń­ski

    - Rab­bit a la Ber­lin (2009), dir. Bar­tek Konopka

    - Poste Restante (2008), dir. Mar­cel Łoziń­ski

    The Cameraman's Art

    - Till it hurts (2008), dir. Mar­cin Koszałka

    - All day together (2008), dir. Mar­cin Koszałka

    - Such a nice son I gave birth to (2000), dir. Mar­cin Koszałka

    In addition, the organizers of FILM POL­SKA invite all interested in Polish cinematography to work­shops devoted to the film-​​making. The meetings will take place every day during the festival, under the leader­ship of Mar­cin Koszałka, Polish documen­tary film-​​maker, as well as cameraman of many feature films, that is "Reverse" (2009), "Sleepiness"(2008), "Scratch"(2008), "The Streaks" (2004).

    The aim of this year's work­shop is to show film as an emotional and physical chal­lenge for direc­tor. The par­ticipants will also think about the way of creating documen­tary statements with clear artistic mes­sage.