Round table Discussion addressing the issues of the distribution of Eastern European films

    OPENING Participants introduction: Marta Lamperová, Film Europe Agency


    Do Eastern European films have a chance on the international market and if yes, what kind of films?

    What criteria do you apply if deciding to acquire the film?

    Do you/your company distribute/broadcast also Eastern European films?

    If yes, how do they perform?

    How do you see a future in distributing arthouse films?

    What kind of Eastern European films stand a chance to compete with the overwhelming film production abroad?

    Featuring representatives fro m the various international distribution


    Igor Palcic, RTV Slovenia

    Beatrix Nemeth, Duna TV, Hungary

    Martina Santava, HBO Central Europe, CR

    Juan Torres, Creative Filmes, Spain

    Daniel Goroshko, A-one Film, Russia

    Szymon Mioduszewski, Polsat, Poland

    Melinda Boros, Clorofilm, Romania

    Mikhail Busnyuk, Starlet Media, Sweden

    Johannes Palmroos, Stockholm IFF, Sweden

    Daniel Chabannes, Epicentre Films, Paris, France

    Dominique Welinski, Noos, Paris, France

    Ivana Filip, Discovery Film, Croatia

    Jusztyna Trozsczynska, Vivarto, Poland

    Vladimir Marin, Glob Com Media, Romania

    Round table will take place in English - simultaneous translation into Slovak language will be provided.

    This event is freely accessible to all public

    Last modified on 16-06-2010