Multimedia Festival The Art of Documentary on the Royal Route in Warsaw

    Multimedia Festival The Art of Documentary will take place between the 26th of November and 5th of December on the Royal Route in Warsaw. Film tickets only 5zl!

    Kultura Cinema, Dom Spotkań z Historią (History Meeting House), Warsaw University, Nowy Wspaniały Świat (Brave New World), will become the true center of the art of documentary on these days. This is where the film screenings, meetings with authors, many conferences and discussion panels (among others the 3D conference) as well as a street exhibit of photography will take place.

    This year's edition of the Festival carries the theme of broadly understood "FREEDOM". It will showcase the documentary insight in to how members of different cultures and social systems define the modern notion of freedom. International choice of films will show the scope of angles and contexts in which we look at this subject - how we understand freedom in post-1989 Central-Eastern Europe, political freedom in the world, artistic freedom, personal freedom, real and virtual sides of freedom among others. The festival will be an occasion for creators, experts, scientists, witnesses to the Polish and global history to meet and share their visions of "FREEDOM".

    The Festival will showcase documents, which already screened at major international film festivals, gaining valuable prizes and nominations, as well as a choice of brand new films that will have their Polish premieres the Multimedia Festival THE ART OF DOCUMENT. And, perhaps, their chance to be discovered.

    "Erasing David", an excellent, thought provoking film by director David Bond with music from Michael Nyman will open the festival. Festival's titles include, among others, the Oscar-nominated picture by Anders Ostergaard "Burma VJ", an excellent documentary about the Russian fascists by Valerij Balay "Love me please", Małgorzta Łupina's "Wrestler in Bolivia" story of a woman earning a living through ring fighting or "What happened on the island of Pam" about a Polish mountaineering expedition into the southern fjords of Greenland, aiming to reach the highest cliff of the world. The last two films will have their premiere at the Festival. The program will also include documentary films made in 3D and the so-called webdocs.

    More information about the films, conferences, the Jury and the exhibition can be found on the official website: www.sztukadokumentu.pl, www.artofdocument.pl

    See you there!

    Last modified on 29-11-2010