Multimedia FestivalOn the Royal Route in WarsawNovember 26th - December 5th Press release, Warsaw 15th of November 2010

    Another edition of Multimedia Festival The Art of Documentary will take place between the 26th of November and 5th of December on the Royal Route in Warsaw. Film tickets only 5zl!

    Kultura Cinema, Dom Spotkań z Historią (History Meeting House), Warsaw University, Nowy Wspaniały Świat (Brave New World), will become the true center of the art of documentary on these days. This is where the film screenings, meetings with authors, many conferences and discussion panels as well as a street exhibit of photography will take place.

    "Erasing David", an excellent, thought provoking film by director David Bond with music from Michael Nyman will open the festival.

    This year's edition of Multimedia Festival The Art of Document carries the theme of broadly understood "FREEDOM". It will showcase the documentary insight in to how members of different cultures and social systems define the modern notion of freedom. International choice of films will show the scope of angles and contexts in which we look at this subject - how we understand freedom in post-1989 Central-Eastern Europe, political freedom in the world, artistic freedom, personal freedom, real and virtual sides of freedom among others. The festival will be an occasion for creators, experts, scientists, witnesses to the Polish and global history to meet and share their visions of freedom. The festival will be accompanied by dedicated publications and online content, as well as a series of special screenings for schools.

    Total of about 40 films, which made it to this years festival selection, were divided into subjects areas - each day of the event will be dedicated to a different aspect of freedom. About 20 movies were chosen for the competition selection. An international jury - Olena Babij (Ukraine), Barbara Hollender (Poland), Jacek Dehnel (Poland), Mamadou Diouf (Senegal) and Gabriel Paletz (USA/UK) - will chose the laureate of Grand Pirx of The Art of Document (15 000 PLN), funded by the Minister of Culture and National Heritage Bogdan Zdrojewski, as well as the Future of Media Award (10 000 PLN), funded by the Director of the Polish Film Institute, Agnieszka Odorowicz.

    The Festival will showcase documents presented at major international film festivals, which have already gained valuable prizes and nominations, as well as a choice of brand new films that will have their Polish premieres the Festival. And, perhaps, their chance to be discovered.

    Festival's titles include, among others, the Oscar-nominated picture by Anders Ostergaard "Burma VJ", an excellent documentary about the Russian fascists by Valerij Balay "Love me please", Małgorzta Łupina's' Wrestler in Bolivia," story of a woman earning a living through ring fighting or "What happened on the island of Pam" about a Polish mountaineering expedition into the southern fjords of Greenland, aiming to reach the highest cliff of the world. The last two films will have their premiere at the Festival.

    To present new, undiscovered and unknown movies, especially those that are characterized by a novel and innovative form of presentation of the story is one of the fundamental aims of the Festival. As is to present new technologies and demonstrate the possibilities of using them to document reality. Therefore, the Festival program will also include documentary films made in 3D and the so-called webdocs.

    Apart from the screenings, conferences and discussion panels are also an integral part of the Festival.

    Conferences and debates accompanyingthe Multimedia Festival THE ART OF DOCUMENT:

    "Wandering question of freedom"
    11/28/2010, Boatyard, 18.00
    Debate and workshops about the meaning freedom holds for the younger generation, organized in partnership with the Laboratory of Social Research and Innovation SHIPYARD. Details on http://www.pytanieowolnosc.org.pl/

    "3Dok Conference" - on the 3D technology in documentary film
    29/11/2010 Kultura Cinema, hrs. 16.00 - 20.00
    Moderator: Irena Gruca-Rozbicka editor in chief of "FilmPro" magazine.

    Participants: Philip Kovcin EBH, Michał Bukojemski and Marek Miller of the UW Reportage Laboratory, Platige Image Studio, NewBorn, the National Museum in Warsaw and the Warsaw Uprising Museum.
    Mini-workshops on usage of the newest 3D camera Cyclop will be carried out thanks to the help and support from Panasonic. Workshops will showcase the most recent Polish films made in 3D technology: "City of ruins", "Liquidation of 8.1944", "Grunwald", "Warsaw 1935". A talk with Wim Wenders, who is currently working on a documentary film in 3D, is scheduled to be conducted via skype.

    "The Art of Fact - a report from the Czech Republic,"
    30.11.2010, Warsaw University, 18.00 - 20.00
    Participants: Marek Miller, UW Reportage Laboratory, Mariusz Szczygieł, author of "Gottland", Gabriel Paletz, journalist, and the authors of Czech films shown during the festival.

    Debate will take on the state of the factual art in the Czech Republic: in literature, radio, and film. UW Reportage Laboratory is the partner of the debate is the

    "How much freedom in privacy"
    12.01.2010, Museum of Modern Art, 19.00
    Partner: The Foundation "PANOPTYKON"

    "Virtual an real aspects of freedom"

    2.12.2010, Warsaw University, godz.9.00 - 18.00

    International conference dedicated to the concept of freedom and the historic and philosophic conditions of its development. Freedom will be discussed in sociological, psychological, artistic perspective as well as in the context of new media. Outstanding intellectuals from Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary will take part in the debate. The conference is organized in cooperation with Department of Sociology and Philosophy of Warsaw University. Partners: Philosophic Society of Hungary, Praha Center for Public Policy, Res Publica Nowa, Central European Initiative, Mediadesk Poland.

    "Presentation new Internet documentary forms: webdocs"

    2.12.2010, Kultura Cinema, godz.20.00

    Moderator: Marcin Latałło

    Participants: Serge Gordey - director, producer, precursor of webdocs, associated with ARTE TV channel,

    Henri Herré - French director, lecturer at Harvard Film Study Center. He will present the innovative form of artistic expression that webdocs are and a documentary film "Miami Havana".

    The Multimedia Festival Art of Document has become an integral part of the cultural calendar of Warsaw. This year's edition is under the auspices of The President of Warsaw, Hanna Gronkiewicz-Walz.

    Festival Partners: Warsaw City Hall Office of Culture, Polish Film Institute, Warsaw University, Polish Filmmaker Association, History Meeting House, International Visegrad Fund, Central European Initiative, Wytwórnia Filmów Dokumentalnych i Fabularnych, Krytyka Polityczna, Adrzej Wajda Master School of Film Directing, Film New Europe, Panasonic, Czech Center, Hungarian Cultural Institute in Warsaw, Europejska Akademia Fotografii (European Photographic Academy), Stowarzyszenie Promocji Wolontariatu (Association for the Promotion of Volunteering), Embassy of Denmark in Poland.

    Media Partners: TVN 24, TVN Warszawa, Stopklatka.pl, KINO, FilmPRO, Aktivist, STROER, Film New Europe, Respublica, Kronos, Iplex.pl, 4event.tv.

    Official website http://www.sztukadokumentu.pl/

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