deadline for submissions for 51st Krakow FILM Festival is close

    Krakow, 28th January 2011 – Only a week left to submit a film for 51st Krakow Film Festival, which will take place between 23rd and 29th May 2011. Deadline is on Friday, 4th February. The Festival presents films in the three competition and in the special cycles. Only the films completed after 1st January 2010 are eligible for competitions.

    Krakow Film Festival is one of Europe's oldest film events. The event has been evolving and progressing for past 50 years, but the core of the Festival are three competition sections with a special focus on documentary film. This year's novelty is opening the national competition for the documentaries with a running time exceeding 60 minutes.

    The organizers wait for submissions in the three categories till Friday, 4th February:

    1. international short film competition open to documentaries, animated films and feature films with a running time of 30 minutes or less.

    2. international documentary film competition open to documentaries with a running time of:
    30 to 60 minutes
    more than 60 minutes
    Only premieres (i.e. the films that have not been screened in Poland at any festival held before the 51st KFF) will be accepted.

    3. national competition open to films made in Poland with a running time of:
    documentary films – more than 60 minutes (NEW!)
    documentary films - 60 minutes or less
    animated films - 30 minutes or less
    feature films - 30 minutes or less
    Subject to the Selection Committee’s decision, the films submitted for the national competition may also participate in the international competitions.

    Only the films completed after 1st January 2010 are eligible for competitions.

    THE REGULATIONS and FILM ENTRY FORM could be found on: www.krakowfilmfestival.pl

    Anna E. Dziedzic
    PR Manager, Rzecznik prasowy / Press spokesperson

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