Winners of 2008 Transylvania International Film Festival 2008 in Cluj

    Complete list of winners:

    The Transylvania Trophy - provided by Vodafone: Intimacies of Shakespeare and Victor Hugo / Intimidades de Shakespeare y Victor Hugo (d. Yulene Olaizola, Mexico, 2008)

    Best Directing Award - offered by the Romanian Film Center: Omar Shargawi of Go With Peace Jamil / Ma Salama Jamil (Denmark, 2008)

    The Jury's Special Award - offered by Impact Developer & Contractor: Lake Tahoe / Te acuerdas de Lake Tahoe? (d. Fernando Eimbcke, Mexico, 2008)

    The Best Performance Award - provided by Vitrina Advertising: Peter Haumann, Peter Rudolf, Milan Schruff for The Adventurers / Kalandorok (d. Bela Paczolay, Hungary, 2008)

    The Best Cinematography Award - provided by Kodak Cinelabs Romania: Mart Taniel pentru Autumn Ball / Sugisball (d. Veiko Ounupuu, Estonia, 2007)

    The FIPRESCI Award - provided by the Foreign Film Press Association Jury: La Rabia / La Rabia (d. Albertina Carri, Argentina, 2008)

    The Audience Award - offered by the Nescafe coffee: I Always Wanted to Be A Gangster / J'ai toujours reve d'etre un gangster (d. Samuel Benchetrit, Franta, 2007)

    The Excellence Award - offered by Mercedes-Benz: Radu Beligan

    The Lifetime Achievement Award - offered by Banca Transylvania: Tamara Buciuceanu-Botez

    The Lifetime Achievement Award - offered to an important personality in the history of European Cinema: Catherine Deneuve

    The Award for the Best Short Film Script in the HBO Screenwriting competition - worth 1500 USD: Bogdan Muresanu

    The Award for the Best Feature Film Script in the HBO Screenwriting competition, worth 3000 USD: Ioan Antoci

    The Romanian Days Award for the Best Romanian Short - offered by Sony: Inspiration (d. Igor Cobileanski, Romania-Moldova, 2008)

    The Romanian Days Award for the Best Romanian Feature - provided by HBO Romania: The Flower Bridge (d. Thomas Ciulei, Romania, 2008)

    The Debut Award - offered by Jolidon: George Dorobantu, for writing, directing, shooting and editing Elevator (Romania, 2007)

    The Award for the Best Short presented in Shadows - offered by Kiss FM: RIP (d. Bruno Collet, Franta, 2006)

    The Let's Go Digital! Award for the best short film produced during the workshop: Puzzle (written, directed, shot and edited by Elena Racu, Constantin Sorin Bazga and Peter Farkas)