FNE Event Vienna: Focus on Austrian CEE Coproduction: Things have changed!


    WARSAW: The Film New Europe Association will be hosting in cooperation with the Austrian Film Institute within the frame of the LET’s CEE film Festival the event „Focus on Austrian CEE Coproduction: Things have changed !” on Friday 9 October 2015 from 9.45 to 13.30 in the Austrian Film Institute, Vienna. This is a networking event for producers and funders in the region.

    There is a whole new landscape out there in the countries of central and Eastern Europe. Award winning coproductions, tax incentives, big budget Western productions and national and regional funds. Austria has invited its neighbours for the first time to find out what Austria has to offer and to catch up on the fast changing landscape of the film industry of central and eastern Europe.

    This event is part of a series of events organised by FNE Association aimed at increasing audiences and the international visibility of films from the region by sharing successful models for projects that cross borders. The FNE Association is made up of the heads of the leading film institutions across the central and eastern European region. It is the leading networking platform for the film industry in the region and has been effectively promoting and representing film professionals since its inception.


    CreativeEurope MediaDesk ATgrossAustrian Film Institute 
    Spittelberggasse 3 (Entrance Stiftgasse 6)
    1070 Wien

    The Date:

    Friday 9 October 9:45-13:30.

    The participation is for free but participants are requested to register: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Participants will receive a confirmation email that will admit them to the event.

    The heads of the funds in the region will present the possibilities of funding for regional coproductions. Case studies of successful international productions from the region which were successfully coproduced will be presented by leading producers in the region followed by a Q&A and networking brunch.

    9.45-10.00 Welcome by Roland Teichman, head of Austrian Film Institute and Marketa Hodouskova, General Secretary of Film New Europe Association
    Moderator: Matthieu Darras
    Marketa Hodouskova will present the FNE Association and its work

    10.00-10.35 presentation of Slovak and Austrian funds:
    Slovak Audiovisual Fund, presented by Anton Škreko, General Director of the Media, Audiovisual and Copyright Department of the Ministry of Culture of the Slovak, presentation of new Slovak tax incentives and Weinstein Company TV series Marco Polo 2 that shot in Slovakia due to the tax incentives scheme.
    Austrian Film Institute presented by Roland Teichman

    10.25-10.45 1st Q&A

    10.45-11.00 Coffee break

    11.00-11.25 Presentation of Polish Film Institute and its funding capabilities Robert Balinski, responsible for coproductions

    11.25-11.45 2nd Q&A

    11.45-12.00 Coffee break

    12.00-12.25 Ada Solomon: 2nd presentation Successful regional coproductions

    12.25-12.45 3rd presentation: 12.25-12.45 3rd presentation: Ales Pavlin and Andrej Stritof of Perfo Productions presents Slovenian Austrian coproduction case study The Woods Are Still Green. Nerina Kocjančič presents funding possibilities of the Slovenian Film Fund

    12.45.-13.30 Networking Business brunch