Film New Europe Association Welcomes Association of Filmmakers of Bosnia And Herzegovina as Newest Member

    Elma Tataragić and Ines Tanović Elma Tataragić and Ines Tanović

    SARAJEVO: The Association of Filmmakers of Bosnia and Herzegovina has become the newest member of the Film New Europe Association.

    The FNE Association is the primary body representing film institutions in the Central and Eastern European region and counts the heads of these institutions as its members.

    Bosnia and Herzegovina will be represented on the FNE Association board by INES TANOVIĆ, President of the Board of the Association of Filmmakers of BiH, and ELMA TATARAGIĆ, the General Secretary of the BiH Association.

    Edith Sepp, Chair of the FNE Association and head of the Estonian Film Institute said: “A new member is always warmly welcomed since it shows the diversity and strength of the association. As chairperson of the FNE Association, I am happy to welcome INES TANOVIĆ and ELMA TATARAGIĆ as representatives of the Association of Filmmakers of Bosnia and Herzegovina. I am confident they will be making a very positive contribution to the association’s future”.

    Film New Europe Association is a main networking platform of professionals in the Central and Eastern European and Baltic regions. The FNE Association board is made up of the heads of the most important film institutions in the region who work together to achieve higher visibility of films from the region and to reach a pan-European audience.

    The web portal Film New Europe with its FNE Daily newswire is one of the main tools for accomplishing the network’s objectives of sharing know how, visibility of films from the region and cultural diversity. Finally, FNE is the voice of the region. The FNE Association also serves as a pan-European connection for the region and has partnerships and activities with the main pan-European film institutions based in Western Europe. Members of FNE Association

    The Association of Filmmakers of Bosnia and Herzegovina is a professional association which gathers filmmakers, who are professionally engaged in filmmaking. It was founded in 1950 under the name Union of Filmmakers BiH. Current president of the Association is director and screenwriter Ines Tanović. The Association is today actively involved in developing and guiding the BiH film industry. At present the Association has 107 members. For more information http://www.bhfilm.ba/en/association.php



    Biographies of INES TANOVIĆ, the president of the board of the Association of Filmmakers of BiH, and ELMA TATARAGIĆ, the general secretary of the BiH association.

    INES TANOVIĆ was born in 1965 in Sarajevo. Graduated from the Academy of Dramatic Arts in Sarajevo, department of dramaturgy. Since 1988, she has been a member of the Association of Filmmakers of Bosnia and Herzegovina where she is the Board President at the moment. Since 1996 works at the Television of BiH, as the editor and director of over 200 programmes so far. She wrote texts for the theater and radio. Since 1991 she has been a member of the team of authors of the production company DOKUMENT, working on its projects as author and director. Her film SOME OTHER STORIES won six awards and was screened at 40 international film festivals. Her documentary A DAY ON DRINA was awarded by Big Stamp as the Best Regional Film at ZagrebDox 2012.


    2015 – NAŠA SVAKODNEVNA PRIČA / OUR EVERYDAY STORY • 2014 – GETO 59 / GHETTO 59, dokumentarni / doc.• 2012 – RUDNIK / COAL MINE, dokumentarni / doc.; ŽIVI SPOMENIK / LIVING MONUMENT, dokumentarni / doc. • 2011 – JEDAN DAN NA DRINI, dokumentarni / doc. • 2010 – NEKE DRUGE PRIČE / SOME OTHER STORIES, omnibus • 2002 – BEZ KALORIJA / SUGAR-FREE, kratki / short • 1998 – SINDROM / SYDROME, kratki / short • 1991 – ČOVJEK S / THE MAN S, kratki / short • 1989 – IDEA, kratki / short • 1987 – KRUGOVI / CIRCLES, kratki / short

    ELMA TATARAGIĆ was born in Sarajevo in 1976. She graduated from the Dramaturgy department (Screenwriting and History of Cinema) at the Sarajevo Academy of Performing Arts and obtained her Master of Science degree and PhD in Film and Literature. She has been with Sarajevo Film Festival since it was founded in 1995, where she now works as selector for the Competition Programme. She co-wrote the short film FIRST DEATH EXPERIENCE and wrote and produced the short film NORTH WENT MAD. She produced and co-wrote the feature film SNOW shown at Cannes 2008 – Semaine de la Critique where the film won the Grand Prix. The film has been shown at over 80 festivals and won over 30 international awards. She is the General Secretary and a member of Filmmakers Association of BiH. She has been teaching screenwriting at Sarajevo Academy of Performing Arts since 2002, now as a professor. She is member of European Film Academy. She has published a book on screenwriting and is an advisor to European Film Academy and was a delegate for Rome Film Festival in 2012 and 2013.


    2015 - THE DAY THAT HAD NO NAME, co-writer (preproduction); STITCHES, screenwriter (preproduction) •2013 - HOLIDAY AT THE SEASIDE, short (screenplay mentor) •2011 - TJELESNE FUNKCIJE / BODILY FUNCTIONS, short (screenplay mentor) •2010 - REVERS, short (screenplay mentor) •2008 - SNIJEG / SNOW •2003 - SJEVER JE POLUDIO / NORTH WENT MAD, short •2001 - PRVO SMRTNO ISKUSTVO / FIRST DEATH EXPERIENCE, short •2000 - PLUS MINUS, short (screenplay and director)