Sarajevo’s CineLink Workshops Go Online

    Sarajevo’s CineLink Workshops Go Online photo: CineLink

    SARAJEVO: The impact of COVID-19 and the protective measures introduced on 11 March in Bosnia and Herzegovina have yet to be felt in most of the film industry. But the CineLink Workshops, which were planned for April 2020, have been moved online.

    The Sarajevo Film Festival, which is scheduled to take place 14 – 21 August 2020, has not changed its plans and all the smaller festivals in the country also continue according to previous plans.

    Most of the cinemas are still screening films, with different measures introduced from disinfecting the whole cinemas to changing the seating arrangements so that there are two seats between every member of the audience. So far there has not been any discernible impact at the box office.

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    A slight box office drop has been noticed from 54,300 EUR / 106,201 KM to 47,657 EUR / 93,209 KM between weeks nine and ten, but this kind of drop can be usually seen in general results of Bosnian and Herzegovinian box office.

    At the moment, no plans for film productions have been changed or cancelled, as Sarajevo hasn’t been affected by the virus and the few productions planned for 2020 are mostly concentrated around the capital, but the dependence on coproductions and the threat of the possible introduction of travel bans could prove harmful if the situation continues for a longer time.