BOX OFFICE: Cinema Attendance in Bosnia and Herzegovina Rises by 15% in 2023

    Excursion by Una Gunjak Excursion by Una Gunjak credit: SCCApro.ba

    SARAJEVO: With 4,512,856 EUR / 8,826,380 KM gross and 1,284,834 admissions, the cinema market in Bosnia and Herzegovina saw a 20 percent increase in revenue in 2023 and 15 percent increase in attendance compared to 2022.

    Numbers show that the trend of growth of the Bosnian cinema market is continuing with box office gross well above pre-COVID 3,496,957 EUR / 6,839,454 KM gross, and attendance numbers just 8,926 viewers shy of 1,293,760 recorded in 2019.

    Unfortunately, the positive trend of national market share rise stopped in 2023 with only 2.05 percent viewers choosing domestic films compared to 6.11 of the previous year, according to data released by the Sarajevo Film Festival.

    Excursion by Una Gunjak, credit: SCCApro.baFour domestic films were screened in cinemas and grossed 38,359 EUR / 74,978 KM in total, attracting 11,715 admissions. Excursion / Ekskurzija by Una Gunjak (produced by SCCA/pro.ba in coproduction with Baš Čelik, Nukleus Film, Mer Film, Salaud Morisset) had 6,351 admissions and 21,005 EUR / 41,054 KM gross, The Glory of Emptiness / Praznik praznine by Jasmin Duraković (produced by DEPO in coproduction with Scena, Plavi Film, Media Acquisitions) had 3,853 admissions and cashed in 11,608 EUR / 22,683 KM, while Die Before Death / Umri prije smrti by Ahmed Imamović (Comprex) had 864 admissions and The Butterfly Effect / Efekat leptira by Admir Buljugić (Naš film) had 864 and 647 admissions, respectively.

    Once again, the most watched films in Bosnian cinemas were American with 77.12 percent of the viewers choosing to watch American productions in cinemas, while 19.93 decided in favour of European productions and under 1 percent of viewers saw films from the rest of the world.