FNE at CineLink Sarajevo 2023: Adventures of Turbo Folk Princess at CineLinkDrama

    Adventures of Turbo Folk Princess Adventures of Turbo Folk Princess credit: OXO

    SARAJEVO: Macedonian writer-director Andrey Volkashin and Bulgarian Peter Vulchev are creating a comedy-musical series Adventures of Turbo Folk Princess, which is presented at Sarajevo Film Festival’s CineLinkDrama (12 -17 August 2023).

    Adventures of Turbo Folk Princess is partly based on the previous work of the duo, Shhh… Sing to Me (2013, Arteria Films), the first short film ever to be distributed in cinemas in Bulgaria, and it follows Vaska, a naïve former pageant queen, who accidently kills her rich husband-to-be in the night before their wedding and runs away after the funeral. Luck proves to be on her side when she gets a wild card to the biggest Balkan pop-folk song contest.

    The series is produced by PeceTaleski and Ilija Tiricovski of OXO, a production house that produced several highly successful Macedonian series including Prespav (2016-2022).

    The budget of the first season is set at 950,000 EUR.

    The first season of Adventures of Turbo Folk Princess should consist of eight episodes of 30 minutes each. 

    Principal photography is planned for April - September 2024.

    At CineLink the team is looking for possible coproducers and distributors.

    Production Information:

    OXO (North Macedonia)
    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    Directors: Andrey Volkashin, Peter Vulchev
    Scriptwriters: Andrey Volkashin, Peter Vulchev