FNE at CineLink Sarajevo 2020: Nikola Ljuca Returns to CineLink with Rattlesnakes

    Rattlesnakes by Nikola Ljuca Rattlesnakes by Nikola Ljuca

    SARAJEVO: Serbian director Nikola Ljuca, whose 2016 debut feature Humidity (Dart) premiered in Berlinale Forum, returns to the online edition of CineLink (15 - 20 August 2020) with his new project Rattlesnakes.

    Nada quits her job after the police ignore her report of being raped at the company by Dorde, partly because of his connections to secret police. Her boss Milanka also fails to react, because Đorđe blackmails her with dangerous secrets from her past. Nada reconnects with Boris, her former boyfriend and colleague from her NGO days, and decides to take revenge. The problem is that in Rattlesnakes everyone is connected. Nađa’s father, an old friend, even a presidential candidate that Boris is working for, are all strings in the same web of lies. Every decision anyone makes carries a direct and serious consequence to the lives of everyone else. Personal, corporate and state interests are confronted by love, friendship and moral values. The future of the whole society depends on several individual decisions. In the middle of that stands Nađa, aware of all the lies and ready to bring the truth to light.

    The project was presented at connecting cottbus in November 2019 and already has Croatian and French coproducers attached.

    The film has an estimated budget of 900,000 EUR. The producers are looking for additional coproducers.

    The production is scheduled to begin shooting at the end of 2021.

    Production information:

    Biberche (Serbia)

    ASAP Films (France)
    Maxima Film (Croatia)

    Director: Nikola Ljuca
    Writers: Vuk Boskovic, Stasa Bajac, Nikola Ljuca
    Producers: Nikolina Vucetic-Zecevic