FNE at CineLink Sarajevo 2020: Melting of the Ruler


    SARAJEVO: Ivan Salatić, whose 2018 debut feature film You Have the Night (Meander) premiered at the Venice Film Festival, will present his project Melting of the Ruler at CineLink, taking place online from 15 till 20 August 2020.

    Melting of the Ruler takes a fresh approach to the story of 19th century Montenegro, trying to examine the duality of cruelty and poetry embodied in Morlak, a ruler and a poet. While people are still fighting an old enemy, Morlak is ruling a small territory of free hills and trying to bring order into this chaotic period of Montenegrin history. The story incorporates two more storylines, with the protagonists fighting the prejudices and superstitions of their time.

    The project is in the early phase of financing. The budget of the film should be a bit under 1,000,000 EUR, and it has been supported by Film Centre of Montenegro for project development with 20,000 EUR. The producers are now working on further development of their project and looking for a sales agent that understands their vision and the modern nature of the story.

    The shooting was supposed to take place in Montenegro and Italy in the summer of 2021, but due to the uncertainty of life under COVID-19, they decided to take a more flexible approach.

    Production information:

    Director Ivan SalaticProducer:
    Meander Film (Montenegro)

    Supported by Film Centre of Montenegro

    Writer and Director: Ivan Saletić
    DOP: Ivan Marković
    Editor: Jelena Maksimović
    Producer: Jelena Angelovski, Dušan Kasalica