FNE at CineLink Sarajevo 2020: Spite

    Spite by Andrijana Stojković Spite by Andrijana Stojković

    SARAJEVO: The successful Serbian short film and documentary filmmaker Andrijana Stojković will be presenting her feature debut Spite at CineLink, that will be held online from 15 till 20 August.

    Spite tells the story of 49-year-old war veteran Ivan, who is fighting for custody of his daughter and trying to live an exemplary life on the border between Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. One day he encounters an illegal immigrant Basset and decides to keep him as a prisoner, but there is something strange about Basset. With every wicked thing Ivan does to him, Basset seems to get stronger, and Ivan weaker, leaving Ivan wondering who the man from the woods really is.

    The project is in the early phase of financing and it will be produced by Mirko Bojović of Baboon Production.

    The budget of the film is estimated at 242,572 EUR. It received support from the Film Center Serbia for script development.

    Portuguese coproducer Ana Pinhão Moura of APC-actions per minute-PRODUÇÕES is already attached to the project. The producers are looking for coproducers from former Yugoslav countries and sales agents at CineLink.

    Production information:

    Spite by Andrijana StojkovićProducer:
    Baboon Production (Serbia)

    Writer and Director: Andrijana Stojković
    DoP: João Ribeiro
    Producer: Mirko Bojović