FNE at CineLink Sarajevo 2021: Everything That Is Wrong with You

    Everything That Is Wrong with You by Urša Menart Everything That Is Wrong with You by Urša Menart

    SARAJEVO: Urša Menart, whose debut feature My Last Year as A Loser was a great success in Slovenia, winning Best Film and Best Screenplay Awards at the national film festival, is presenting her second feature film project Everything That Is Wrong with You at Sarajevo Film Festival’s CineLink Co-production Market, which will take place from 14 till 19 August 2021.

    Everything That Is Wrong with You is a story of two young women, both adrift and lonesome, who meet online and start creating a strong bond. After Alja’s (28) unknown illness turns for the worst, Maruša (25) travels from the Slovenian countryside to North Germany just to take care of her, but when the girls meet in person, things become a bit more complicated, questioning whether Alja is as sick as she is claiming and Maruša’s act as selfless as she would like others to think.

    The film is produced by Danijel Hočevar and Katja Lenarčić of Vertigo and has already been supported for development through MEDIA’s Development of Audiovisual Content – Slate Funding.

    Currently, 97,600 EUR of the estimated budget of 1,552,600 EUR is in place and the producers are looking for possible coproducers from France, Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg and/or Denmark, but are open to regional coproduction, too.

    There is no world sales attached at the moment and all territories except for Slovenia and Croatia are available.

    Principal photography is planned for the autumn of 2023 in Germany and Slovenia.

    Production information:

    Vertigo (Slovenia)
    Supported by MEDIA

    Writer and Director: Urša Menart
    Producers: Danijel Hočevar, Katja Lenarčić