FNE at CineLink Sarajevo 2021: Bojan Vuletić’s The Family Swoops Most Awards for TV Series

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    SARAJEVO: The Sarajevo Film Festival has awarded best regional TV series for the first time ever. Most of the awards went to the Serbian series The Family, created and directed by Bojan Vuletić.

    The Family is produced by FireFly with This and That Production serving as executive producer, and supported by Serbian Telecom. It has been awarded three out of six awards.

    A jury made of 400 film and television professionals from ex-Yugoslavia voted in six categories: Best Drama Series, Best Comedy, Best Series Creator, Best Actor, Best Actress, and Rising Star.

    Sixteen TV series had been nominated for the Heart of Sarajevo this year: Group (Radio Television Serbia, 2019), Lake (Radio-Television of Slovenia, 2019), South Wind (Režim, 2020), Mould (Monte Royal, 2020), The Clan (FireFly, 2020), Bones (Bosonoga, 2020), The Swamp (BašČelik, FireFly, 2020), The Paper – Season 3 (Drugi plan, 2020), Family (FireFly, 2021), The Markovski Family (Art Proekt Lab, 2019), Shadows Over Balkan (Cobra Film, 2019), Tycoon (FireFly, 2020), Black &White World – Season 4 (Croatian Radio Television, 2021), The Diary of the Great Perica (Croatian Radio Television, 2021), Mom and Dad are Playing War (Kombajn Film, 2020) and Golden Days (Stella Production, 2020).

    At the awards ceremony, Sedin Kahriman, the General Director of BH Telecom announced the opening of a public call for the TV series projects as part of BH CoNtEnT LAB. The call was opened on 16 August 2021 and will be continuously open for applications and, at least every six months, the number of projects will be shortlisted through a selection process and discussed further.

    Full List of Awards:

    Heart of Sarajevo for Best Drama Series:
    The Family (Serbia)
    Produced by FireFly

    Heart of Sarajevo for Best Comedy:
    The Diary of the Great Perica (Croatia)
    Produced by the Croatian Radio Television

    Heart of Sarajevo for Best Series Creator:
    Bojan Vuletić for The Family

    Heart of Sarajevo for Best Actor:
    Boris Isaković for role of Slobodan Milošević in The Family

    Heart of Sarajevo for Best Actress:
    Jasna Đuričić for the role of Sremica in The Group
    Produced by Radio Television Serbia

    Heart of Sarajevo for Rising Star:
    Ivana Zečević for the role of Petra Milosavljević in The Group