FNE at CineLink Sarajevo 2022: Snajka, a Documentary about Marriage and Family Expectations

    Snajka by Tea Vidović Dalipi Snajka by Tea Vidović Dalipi credit: Restart

    SARAJEVO: Tea Vidović Dalipi is presenting her first and personal documentary project Snajka at the Docu Rough Cut Boutique, a regional platform for documentaries in the advanced phase of editing, organised by the Sarajevo Film Festival and Balkan Documentary Center. Snajka is a coproduction between Croatia, Kosovo and Italy.

    The third and final module of the Docu Rough Cut Boutique is happening under the umbrella of CineLink Industry Days, running 13 - 18 August 2022.

    Snajka follows Tea and Mirsad, people from two completely different cultures, in their daily life that got even more complicated after their daughter, Frida, was born. Frida is neither a Croat nor a Roma, but everyone would like her to be one or another.

    The film was shot in Zagreb and Zaprešić in Croatia, as well as in Ferizaj and Lipjan in Kosovo

    Snajka is produced by Oliver Sertić of Restart in coproduction with Bujra Kabashi of Kosovan Möbius and Stefano Tealdi of Italian STEfilm.

    It has been supported by the Croatian Audiovisual Centre, the Film Commission Torino Piemonte and the City of Zagreb. Most of the budget estimated at 180,000 EUR is already in place and the producer is looking for a partner that would be interested to join in the postproduction phase.

    All territories except for ex-Yugoslavia and Italy are currently available.

    Production Information:

    Snajka by Tea Vidović Dalipi, credit: RestartProducer:
    Restart (Croatia)
    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    Möbius (Kosovo)
    STEfilm (Italy)

    Director: Tea Vidović Dalipi
    Scriptwriter: Tea Vidović Dalipi
    DoPs: Tea Vidović Dalipi, Dinka Radonić
    Editor: Jelena  Maksimović