GRANTS: Film Fund Sarajevo Announces Grants


    SARAJEVO: Film Fund Sarajevo has announced production, minority coproduction and development grants for 2022. The fund operated with increased funds this year.

    A total of 816,150 EUR / 1,597,664 KM went for support of the production of feature films, 122,710 EUR / 240,000 KM for minority coproductions, 102,745 EUR / 214,000 KM for production of short films and 16,361 EUR / 32,000 KM for development.

    The production of 15 feature films has been supported, including the third feature film by Ines Tanović. Danis Tanović has also been supported for his new project, which is a Bosnian minority coproduction produced by Croatian Propeler Film. Three more coproductions (one with Croatia and two with Serbia) have been supported.

    The grants were announced on 2 September 2022.

    Click HERE to see the grants chart.