TP Emitel Gets Polish Digital Contract

By Katarzyna Grynienko

    WARSAW: Polish public broadcaster TVP has signed a contract with TP Emitel to be the operator of MUX 1, the first multiplex of frequencies for Polish digital ground television, to be launched on 15 December 2011.

    The Board of TVP (www.tvp.pl) approved the choice for TP Emitel (www.emitel.pl) to operate MUX 1 until 27 April 2014.

    The Polish transfer from analogue to ground digital television will take place gradually with the activation of special multiplexes, holding frequencies for up to eight channels. TVP had also said the first Reservation Decision of the Office Of Electronic Communications (UKE, www.uke.gov.pl) entails TVP 1, TVP 2 and TVP INFO to be available in the first multiplex. Therefore, by October 2012 the three channels will be received by 95% of Polish citizens. MUX 1 will gradually add four commercial channels: Eska TV (www.eska.tv), Polo TV (www.polotv.com.pl), ATM Rozrywka (www.atmgrupa.pl) and U-TV.

    The activation of MUX 1 will allow for the total shut down of the analogue transmitters in Poland on 31 July 2013. TVP applied to UKE to change the Reservation Decision from 3 out of 7 spots given to the public broadcaster to 4/8 rate, with 50% of the spots reserved for TVP.This would decrease the risk of the public broadcaster losing its reach after the shut down of analogue transmitters and allow one of its channels to be in high definition.

    TP Emitel is one of the leading Polish providers of transmission services. The company will also be responsible for activating and operating MUX 3, a multiplex planned to launch in April 2014 that will reach 98% of Polish citizens.