FNE at Varna Golden Rose FF National Competition: Little-Big

By Pavlina Jeleva

    Little-Big is a low budget, independently financed musical film directed by Yassen Grigorov, who is mainly known as a book illustrator and director of TV commercials. Its experimental spirit consists of mixing different, even opposing styles, from Bulgaria's contemporary music scene.

    Ten videos, most of which were created and performed by heavy metal groups, gypsy wedding bands and underground musicians, are interspersed with documentary discussions with members of the failed Bulgarian trash-metal group from the 90's named December 17th. In the middle of this strange company, folk star Dessi Slava shares stories from her personal life, which according to her "may be true or may be - not".

    "Nobody believed I would be able to put trash metal and folk music in the same film," Grigorov said. "But I did. Actually, my goal was to make a film about musicians, but not only that. For me Little-Big is much more about choices in life and believing in dreams."

    The shooting of the film started with Krassimir Andonov as DoP, but he suddenly left the production. He explained he was not able to stand some of the hard underground musicians' real life scenes filled with drugs and alcohol. He was replaced by acclaimed photographer Temelko Temelkov, who transformed himself into a DoP. Because he knew folk star Dessi Slava, he convinced her to take part in "a most unusual" film, later called by the press "the first real Bulgarian rock and roll film."

    Although he represents filmmakers not relying on state aid, Grigorov said he would like a large audience to see his film in the country's biggest cinema halls this autumn. "Some people may think it is a documentary, others - a pure fiction. For me Little-Big is a musical film made like a love drama," he said.

    Production credits

    Script & director: Yassen Grigorov
    DoP: Temelko Temelkov, Krasimir Andonov, Momchil Alexandrov
    Music: Band X, Melekh, Past Redemption, Sisters of Radomir, Jasmine Whale, 17.XII, Angel Marinov, Gergana and Rumen Makazchievi, Duet Dvorjak, Razvigor Popov

    Cast: Dessi Slava, Boris Kovachev, Kalin Hristov, Svetoslav Slaveykov, Yordan Kochev

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