FNE at Varna Golden Rose FF National Competition: Lora From Morning Till Evening

By Pavlina Jeleva

    Dimitar Kotsev - Shosho, the writer and director of Lora From Morning Till Evening (www.lorathemovie.com), describes his film as an "urban adventure with little magical moments." Based on his book of the same title published in 2004, the film quickly became a hit, recovering its extremely low budget - only €5,000 -- In its first weekend in distribution weekend in June, 2011.

    {mosimage}Two reasons accounted for the film's successful completion: no one on the team worked for money, and the fim was shot with a Canon 7D.

    "In addition to the economic advantage, this camera helped us to work in narrow spaces and awkward places," Kotsev said. "In our case it was not possible to make a careful selection of locations. We were shooting where people would let us."

    The role of 30-year-old Lora, who receives two packages containing mysterious dice, is performed by the pop singer Milena Nikolova, known as Milenita, who also gained popularity with her role in the TV series "Under Cover" produced and broadcast by BNT (www.bnt.bg). Kotsev said that during the process of the book writing, he did not imagine his character physically, but when making the film he immediately saw Milenita.

    {mosimage}Audiences responded to the amusing storyline in which within 24 hours the missing mysterious dice had to be found and put together. Journalists referred to Laura and her friends as "the happiest children of the modern city."

    "I made this film to entertain people. The only thing I wanted was that they leave the theatre with a smile," Kotsev said.

    Production credits

    Script & director: Dimitar Kotsev - Shosho

    DoP: Vladimir Mihaylov

    Music: Milenita, Bluba Lu, Leepra Deluxe, Akaga, Victor Stoyanov, Caro Emerald

    Cast: Milena Nikolova - Milenita, Hristo Petkov, Dimo Aleksiev, Iva Gotcheva, Georgi Petrov, Marten Roberto, Yulian Kovalevski

    Production: Svetoslav Doychinov, Galina Markova, Dimitar Kotsev - Shosho



    Dimitar Kotsev - Shosho

    tel. + 359 897 889 180

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