FNE at Varna Golden Rose FF National Competition: Old Toughies

By Pavlina Jeleva

    Old Toughies is an 86-minute ironic comedy backed by the Bulgarian National Television (www.bnt.bg) and produced by Urban Media. The HD shoot lasted a month in 2010, taking place mainly in a small southern Black Sea village.

    {mosimage}The plot follows the hilarious ideas and funny actions of seven naughty elders, who after the death of the last woman remain the sole inhabitants in their native village. They invent and organize the visit of a striptease girl, who arrives with her little son. Later on, two more striptease girls arrive, followed by a group of hunters.

    "The story of the film is a little sad because the script was to be shot by my son, the director Ivaylo Djambazov, but a year earlier he died," said Ivaylo's father and actor in the film Ivan Djambazov. "Director Plamen Maslarov, who initially was asked to play the role of a priest in the film, agreed to complete it. However, during the shooting he suddenly started bleeding and unexpectedly died too. After all these sad events the only one who could complete Old Toughies was the DoP Ivaylo Pentchev."

    The first public screening was organized on 30 June 30 2011 in the Sofia House of Cinema to honor the memory of the deceased. Excellent performances from the seven veteran actors from the older generation brought an incredible mood to the screening atmosphere. The audience adored the slightly nostalgic, and a bit retro, but subtle humor of the film.

    "Old Toughies is about the desire for life," Djambazov adds. "Although quite old, these seven people, who once used to be bohemians, are unwilling to bend to advanced age. Therefore the motto of the film is ‘I want to live, I want to sing, and life is nice, and life is new'!"

    BNT is planning to broadcast the film in autumn 2011.

    Production credits

    Script: Simon Schwartz

    Directors: Plamen Maslarov and Ivaylo Penchev

    DoP: Ivaylo Penchev

    Music: Kiril Ilievski

    Cast: Vasil Banov, Ivan Djambazov, Stefan Bobadov, Nikola Pashov, Ivan Samokovliev, Nikola Chipryanov, Vladimir Bonev, Nadya Konakchieva, Natalia Karakuleva, Ivanka Shekerova, Bogdan Kazandjiev

    Production: Bulgarian National Television, Urban Media


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