FNE at Golden Rose FF 2012: Competition: Pistol, Briefcase and Three Stinking Barrels

    FNE at Golden Rose FF 2012: Competition: Pistol, Briefcase and Three Stinking Barrels Pistol, Briefcase and Three Stinking Barrels by Georgi Kostov

    VARNA: Georgi Kostov’s debut film Pistol, Briefcase and Three Stinking Barrels, competing in the Bulgarian national competition at the Golden Rose FF 2012, is a low budget film financed by private sources and bank loans.

    The film is about a young student nicknamed Handsome who dreams of studying, but has no money. In trying to come up with funds, he and a friend become involved in a complicated and amusing relationship with the underworld, which is unforgiving to those who owe money.

    Kostov, who also wrote the script, describes his film as “a specific type of comedy which relies on interesting characters and situations instead of looking for an easy laugh and flat humour.” The inspiration for his gangster film came from Guy Ritchie’s Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels.

    Kostov first tackled the story of two losers constantly trying to steal something but permanently lacking luck and getting into comic misunderstandings ten years ago as a film school student when he made a short film which he decided to expand into a feature. While working as editor and TV director he developed his script and tried to raise financing. The shooting took two years to complete, with several interruptions.

    The cast consists of popular actors from TV serials produced and broadcast by the Bulgarian National Television (www.bnt.bg) and bTV (www.btv.bg), including Ivaylo Zahariev from Under Cover and Georgi Kadurin from Glass House, and stars of the so-called New Bulgarian cinema including Assen Blatechki, Deian Donkov and Raia Peeva performing typical characters with exaggerated features. The film score mixes songs of popular bands as Funk Busters with classical music, mainly Mozart.

    Some critics commented that making a micro-budget film was “an act of heroism”, but others noted that “poor funding inevitably condemns creators to artistic compromises.”

    The film was released in cinemas on 14 September 2012.

    Production Credits:

    Script: Georgi Kostov
    Director: Georgi Kostov
    Cinematography: Georgi Raykov
    Music: Funk Busters

    Cast: Ivaylo Zahariev, Plamen Velikov, Todor Dotsev, Georgi Kadurin

    Production: Media Productions

    Georgi Kostov,

    Phone: + 359 893 300 444

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