FNE at Golden Rose FF 2012: Competition: July

    FNE at Golden Rose FF 2012: Competition: July July directed by Kiril Stankov

    VARNA: July (previously known under the working title Three), fresh from its participation in competition at the Moscow International Film Festival is screening in the Bulgarian national competition of the Golden Rose Film Festival (5-12 October 2012) is a debut filmwritten and directed by Kiril Stankov.

    The film’s four-week shoot took place primarily in small villages on the Black Sea shore and involved a 60 member crew. The original title refers to the three main characters: Dana (40), Jou (40) and Lilly (27). Twenty years ago Dana and Jou were in love with the same man, Milko, who now lives with his father and owns a pub in a seaside village.

    "This is a film about people who in 1989 were 20 years old and during the so-called ‘transition years’ lost themselves. After two decades of timelessness they need to find themselves, to return to friendship and regain their dignity," said Stankov. The story, in which three women undertake an unusual trip to the seaside to remember forgotten places, people and love affairs, is based on real prototypes and some autobiographical elements. At the age of 20 Stankov also left Bulgaria to settle in Israel, where he studied film directing. After having lived and worked in different countries, including Canada, he decided to return to Bulgaria. Like his male character Milko he has a pub in a small village.

    Over five years Stankov made 13 drafts of his script. In its final version the story takes place during 6 days and 6 nights. For the roles of the three women he casted three popular actresses: Kassiel Noa Asher (Dana), who also lived in Israel, Paraskeva Djukelova (Jou) and Yana Titova (Lilly). The part of Milko is played by Phillip Avramov (Letter to Amerika).

    The film was supported by the National Film Center (www.nfc.bg) with 588,000 EUR; according to the producer Gala Film (www.galafilm-bg.com) the amount represented 75% of the budget. July was among the last project from a package for which the production company received a Media Slate Funding development support in 2009.

    Production Credits:

    Scriptwriter and director: Kiril Stankov

    Director of Photography: Rali Raltchev

    Music: Vassil Georgiev (known as Vasko the Patch)


    Dana: Kassiel Noa Asher

    Jou: Paraskeva Djukelova

    Lilly: Yana Titova

    Milko Phillip Avramov

    Milko's father: Itzhak Finzi

    Kircho: Ovaness Torossian

    Production contact:

    Gala Film

    1b, Strumitza Str., ap.11

    1000 Sofia, Bulgaria

    Phone: + 359 2 981 42 09

    Fax: + 359 2 981 29 71

    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.