Bulgarian National Film Center to Fund Low Budget Films


    SOFIA: For the first time since its establishment in 1991 the Bulgarian National Film Center will support low budget feature films, with up to 200,000 EUR per project. The application deadline is 18 August 2014 and the results will be announced on 29 September 29.

    The total amount of the extraordinary call is 1 m EUR and creates the possibility for five additional feature films projects to receive financial support.

    The call is open only for film directors who have already shot at least two short or two documentary films. The NFC also requires that the director and the producer are not the same person.

    The Financial Committee will determine the final amount of the public for each project aid by 20 October, and the films must be completed within a year (by 20 October 2015).

    The funding for the extraordinary call will be allocated from the annual budgets of 2014 and 2015, 50% from each year.

    The new format was approved after consultations with representatives of the film community, especially the younger generation. The call does not specify an age limit and is mostly designed to stimulate the creation of low-budget films in Bulgaria.

    Earlier this year debutant directors received the possibility to compete in a separate debut category for a maximum amount of 620,000 BGN (317,023 EUR) per project.Support for short films, established in 2013, rose from 30,000 BGN (15,339 EUR) to 50,000 BGN (25,566 EUR).