FNE at Golden Rose FF 2014: Competition: One More Dream

    One More Dream by Nikolay Mutafchiev One More Dream by Nikolay Mutafchiev

    VARNA: Nikolay Mutafchiev’s independent debut feature tells the story of four beautiful women who meet at a psychotherapy session and decide to rob a bank. One More Dream screens in the main competition of the VarnaGolden Rose Film Festival (11-17 October 2014).

    One More Dream by Nikolay MutafchievHristina Apostolova and Nikolay Mutafchiev co-wrote the script and Mutafchiev is producing through Premier Studio, a company that he founded after several years spent working on TV shows such as Survivor and The Comedians. Mutafchiev’s directorial debut was a short fiction film The Pair on the Bridge (2006).

    One More Dream stars popular actresses Koyna Ruseva, Dilyana Popova, Irena Todorova and Mira Boyadzhieva, who gave their own names to their characters, but Mutafchiev has also cast himself in his feature debut in the role of a Russian gangster who makes porn films and sells weapons.

    The film’s budget was raised from private sources with the Municipal Bank as the main One More Dream by Nikolay Mutafchievsponsor. Premier Studio released the film on 19 October 2012 with 6,309 admissions and a box office of 22,735 EUR after the first week.

    Initially, One More Dream was selected for the previous edition of the Golden Rose FF in 2012 but it dropped out due to technical problems. The 2013 edition of the Festival did not take place because of an insufficient number of films.

    For more information go to: http://www.zlatnaroza.bg/en/portfolio/one-more-dream/

    Production information:

    Premier Studio
    Han Omurtag, № 2 B
    Sofia, Bulgaria
    Phone: +3592 470 97 77
    One More Dream by Nikolay Mutafchiev+359 877 600 028
    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    Director: Nikolay Mutafchiev
    Script: Hristina Apostolova, Nikolay Mutafchiev
    Cinematography: Ivo Peychev
    Music: Alexander Doychev
    Cast: Koyna Ruseva, Dilyana Popova, Irena Todorova, Mira Boyadzhieva, Monyu Monev, Deyan Donkov, Nikolay Mutafchiev