FESTIVALS: Sofia Meetings 2015 Announces Second Fiction Film Projects


    SOFIA: The Sofia Meetings coproduction market this year includes projects from Bulgaria, Lithuania, Georgia, Romania and Latvia. The event, which supports first, second or third feature projects looking for financial support and coproducers, takes place within the framework of the 19th Sofia Film Festival.

    The 12th edition of the meetings will run from 12 to 15 March 2015. The event is supported by Creative Europe Programme of the European Union and Bulgarian National Film Center.

    Selected projects:

    Second Feature Fiction Film

    Dora (Bulgaria)
    Directed by: Milko Lazarov
    Production: Red Carpet Films

    Genesis (Hungary)
    Directed by: Milko Lazarov

    I Hate Berlin (Romania)
    Directed by: Valentin Hotea
    Production: HiFilms Production
    Supported by the Romanian Film Center

    The Ladder (UK)
    Directed by: Ali Jaberansari

    My Father, My Mother, My Sister (Bulgaria)
    Directed by: Dimitar Kotzev
    Production: Spotlight

    Pig (Bulgaria)
    Directed by: Dragomir Sholev
    Production: Gorilla Films

    Shake Your Cares Away (Israel, Germany)
    Directed by: Tom Shoval

    The Father (Bulgaria)
    Directed by: Petar Valchanov, Kristina Grozeva
    Production: Abraxas Film

    Plus Minus One

    Borderline (Greece)
    Directed by: Emmanouil Oikonomou, Alexander Zwart

    Breathing Into Marble (Lithuania)
    Directed by: Giedre Beinoriute
    Production: Just a Moment
    Supported by the Lithuanian Film Center

    The Dancehall Bitch (Ireland)
    Directed by: Terry McMahon

    Misty Illumination (Turkey)
    Directed by: Huseyin Karabey

    Neighbors (Georgia)
    Directed by: Grigol Abashidze
    Production: Artizm, Gemini
    Supported by the Georgian Film Fund

    Out (Slovakia, Hungary, France, Czech Republic, Latvia)
    Directed by: György Kristóf
    Production: Sentimentalfilm

    Tailor (Greece)
    Directed by: Sonia Liza Kenterman

    The T Factor (Italy)
    Directed by: Francesco Costabile

    Projects in Bank

    30 days Maria (Bulgaria)
    Directed by: Atanas Hristoskov
    Production: Invision Film Studio

    A Bit of Luck (Bulgaria)
    Directed by: Alexander Smolyanov, Chavdar Jivkov
    Production: FABRIKATA Film Production

    Director of a Waterfall (Bulgaria)
    Directed by: Svetoslav Draganov
    Production: Cineaste Maudit Production

    Grace (Bulgaria)
    Directed by: Grigor Antonov
    Production: Red Carpet Films

    Living Chimneys (Bulgaria)
    Directed by: Radoslav Spassov
    Production: Dream Team Films

    Nocturne (Bulgaria)
    Directed by: Iliyan Iliev
    Production: Adela Media

    Norma & Lebed (Bulgaria)
    Directed by: Boris Nikolov
    Production: Four X Films

    Philanthropist (Bulgaria)
    Directed by: Mario Krastev
    Production: Klas Film

    Rudolf Nureyev. The Beginning (Russia)
    Directed by: Evgenia Tirdatova

    Sisters (Bulgaria)
    Directed by: Vesela Kazakova
    Production: Activist 38

    Summer Treasure (Greece)
    Directed by: Yorgos Tsemperopoulos

    The Motorbike (Bulgaria)
    Directed by: Valentin Goshev
    Production: ARS DIGITAL

    The Platform (Bulgaria)
    Directed by: Nikolay Mutafchiev
    Production: Premier Studio

    The Tree (Iceland)
    Directed by: Hafsteinn Sigurjonsson