PRODUCTION:David’s Sling Goes into Postproduction in Bulgaria

    Valentin Ganev and Hristo Ushev, photo: Iana Blajeva Valentin Ganev and Hristo Ushev, photo: Iana Blajeva

    SOFIA:Director Svetoslav Ovcharovis is working on postproduction of his 736,000 EUR war drama David's Sling

    The film is produced by Ovcharov’s company Omega Films and supported by the Bulgarian National Film Center. Bulgarian National Television bought the broadcast rights.

    Known for his interest in Bulgaria's historical past, Ovcharov set his film in the spring of 1913, when during the Balkan War Bulgarian troops nearly reached Constantinople while the Turkish fleet dominated the Marmara Sea. Seven Bulgarian officers and soldiers tried to relocate a boat from the Saros Gulf to the Marmara Sea by land. Their idea was to turn the boat into a live torpedo and blast the enemy’s battleship.

    Ovcharov, who is also a respected professor of film direction at the National Academy forTheatre and Film Arts, told FNE that “the story, drawn from military history, is a true one.”

    The film was shot in October and November 2014 in Tzarevo, Sinemorec and Burgas on the Black Sea. The production built a military camp with a headquarters tent. “During the shooting, a violent hurricane destroyed the whole set. Huge floods cut off the crew from the rest of the world for three days. Actually, the team relived the feelings of the people involved in the real event,” Ovcharov added.

    DoP Rali Ralchev shot the film with anamorphic optics, widescreen and in black and white. In addition to the director’s son Dimitar, the cast includes several actors Ovcharov often works with. The popular actor Assen Blatechki is working with Ovcharov for the first time.

    The theatrical distribution is planned for 2016. 

    Production Information:

    Omega Films
    66, VassilLevskistr.
    +359 887 216 721
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    Director: Svetoslav Ovcharov
    Script: Svetoslav Ovcharov
    DoP: RaliRalchev
    Production designer: GeorgiTodorov-Jozi
    Costumes designer: Elena Stoianova
    Sound: MomchilBojkov, Valeria Popova
    Editing: Svetoslav Ovcharov

    Cast: Assen Blatechki, Valentin Ganev, Ivan Barnev, Hristo Ushev, Stefan Mavrodjev, Dimiter Ovcharov, Leart Dokle