FNE at Golden Rose Bulgarian National Film Festival 2017: 12A

    12A by Magdalena Ralcheva 12A by Magdalena Ralcheva

    VARNA: Magdalena Ralcheva’s sophomore feature 12A will screen in the main competition of the 35th Golden Rose Bulgarian National Film Festival (30 September - 7 October 2017). It is the first Bulgarian privately financed film produced by former Chief Executive Director of Nu Boyana David Varod after his departure from the studios.

    Nikolay Kolev, a former teacher himself, wrote the script as a follow-up to his previous 11th A Grade (2015), directed by Michaela Komitova and produced by Korund X. Dance teacher Lina is offered a chance to return and teach literature. Again, she manages to gain the trust of her students and to overcome the hostility of some her colleagues.

    Radina Kardjilova in 12A by Magdalena Ralcheva“David Varod invited me to direct 12A. He wanted a different cast from the one in 11th A Grade and a new school for the shooting. My wish was Radina Kardjilova to play Lina. I think that her character is more complex now and her relations with her growing son are deeper. Only actress Elena Boicheva and DoP Emil Topuzov came from the previous film”, Magdalena Ralcheva told FNE.

    Maria Kavardjikova, Darin Angelov, Vassilena Atanasova, Anelia Mangarova, Kaloyan Minev are co-starring.

    Producer 12А Ltd film raised the funding from private sources and sponsorships.

    The film was shot in Sofia during 20 days in October 2016. “The tempo was extremely dense and I had to work almost without any pause”, Ralcheva also said.

    The film opened the Golden Linden IFF founded by Magdalena Ralcheva in the town of Stara Zagora in 2013.

    The domestic premiere took place in Sofia on 15 September 2017 and was accompanied by a theatrical release in 50 cinemas.

    Production Information:

    12А Ltd
    David Varod
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    Maria Kavardjikova in 12A by Magdalena RalchevaCredits:

    Director: Magdalena Ralcheva
    Scriptwriter: Nikolay Kolev
    DoP: Emil Topuzov
    Production designer and costumes: Boryana Semerdjieva
    Sound design: Dimitar Tashkov
    Cast: Radina Kardjilova, Maria Kavardjikova, Darin Angelov, Vassilena Atanasova, Anelia Mangarova, Kaloyan Minev, Velislava Kostadinova, Deyan Georgiev