PRODUCTION: Bulgarian Director Ivan Nichev In Postproduction With Could You Kill

    Could You Kill by Ivan Nichev Could You Kill by Ivan Nichev

    SOFIA: Acclaimed Bulgarian director Ivan Nichev is in postproduction with a feature film Could You Kill aka Old Men, an alarming drama about seven impoverished 30-year-old men, getting obsessed with hard physical self-training. Their collective dream is to become contract soldiers and to take part in the NATO's military missions.

    All seven men have a common past as fellow soldiers in the last obligatory recruitment of the Bulgarian regular army service in 2008. Poverty, unemployment, terrorism and illegal immigration are among the sharp contemporary topics of the script penned for nearly 10 years by Yurii Dachev, Tatiana Granitova and Ivan Nichev.

    „The members of our colourful male group have no stable incomes or jobs. Therefore, they brutally train themselves believing in their victories over an imaginary enemy. Their naïve and sometimes comical behaviour is a direct result of the constant mix of fear and illusions they live with”, Ivan Nichev told FNE.

    Newcomers or relatively less known actors play the seven main parts: Nikolai Varbanov, Ivaylo Dragiev, Iasen Popov, Atanas Naidenov, Zivko Dzuranov, Ivo Ionchev, Alexander Kanev. “The casting lasted over three months and the shooting was full of particularly heavy scenes. Everyone behaved bravely and hearty”, Nichev also said.

    Ivan Nichev’s Cinemascop is producing with the support of the Bulgarian National Film Center and the Creative Europe MEDIA programme. The budget is around 600,000 EUR.

    Shooting took place in March-April 2018 and it lasted only 29 days. The principal shooting place was a highly neglected former state factory, located in an area of 1,300 acres in the town of Vidin, on the Danube. Nearly 20% of the film was shot on specially constructed sets in Sofia. DoP Tzvetan Nedkov shot more than half of the film on Steadycam.

    Production Information:
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    Director: Ivan Nichev
    Scriptwriters: Yourii Datchev, Tatyana Granitova, Ivan Nichev
    DoP: Tzvetan Nedkov
    Production designer: Rositza Bakeva
    Composer: Stefan Dimitrov
    Cast: Nikolai Varbanov, Ivaylo Dragiev, Iasen Popov, Atanas Naidenov,  Zivko Dzuranov, Ivo Ionchev, Alexander Kanev, Emilia Radeva, Sofia Marinkova, Elena Ivanova