FNE at Golden Rose National Film Festival 2018: Transgression

    Transgression by Val Todorov Transgression by Val Todorov

    VARNA: Val Todorov’s sophomore feature Transgression will screen in the main competition of the 36th Golden Rose National Film Festival (27 September - 4 October 2018). It is a challenging non-linear, independent film imbued with dark underground spirit and highly provocative scenes.

    The writer/director/activist Val Todorov, who lived in the USA for 21 years, wrote the script based on his own novel Daddy Dear (2016). During a popular TV show, 18 year-old Yana is tempted to confess her wildest sexual experience with an older rocker named Stoil.

    “I wanted to make a film on hidden feelings and emotions. Therefore, it is a free construction based on freely connected associations, chaotically preserved in Yana’s memory. On one level, the film is relentlessly passionate and pulsating with music. Yet on another, it is narratively and intellectually challenging”, Val Todorov told FNE. 

    The film stars Maria Bakalova and Rossen Pentchev, and the cast includes Joanna-Izabella Varbanova, Lara Zlatareva and Stefan Shterev–Checho.

    The musical hits in the film belong to some of Bulgaria’s most representative cult underground groups and performers like Smallman, Rossen Pentchev and Cherno Feredje. 

    Val Todorov produced the film through his company Demiurgia with a budget of just 17,000 EUR. “Half of the money came from my own pocket and the other half came from friends. But even this small amount helped me to observe my country with the eyes of a cultural anthropologist”, Todorov added.

    The film received several awards at the Queen Palm IFF and it is currently screening in the Sofia Odeon hall, owned by the Bulgarian National Film Library.

    Production Information:
    Demiurgia – Val Todorov
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    Director: Val Todorov
    Scriptwriter: Val Todorov
    DoPs: Kiril Prodanov, Mihail Boevski
    Music: Smallman, Rossen Pentchev, Cherno Feredje, Beloslava
    Cast: Maria Bakalova, Rossen Pentchev, Joanna-Izabella Varbanova, Lara Zlatareva, Stefan Shterev – Checho