Sofia Meetings Ready to Kick Off With Record Number of Projects


    SOFIA: The 16th edition of the Sofia Meetings coproduction market, set to take place from 13 to 17 March 2019 within the 23rd Sofia International Film Fest will host 34 projects of first, second and third films. The Works in Progress section will screen 23 titles still in postproduction.

    The Second Film Projects selection of the main Bulgarian industry platform for film contains six projects, one of them from Bulgaria. The Plus Minus One Projects section for first and third films comprises 10 projects, five of which come from CEE countries.

    The total number of projects in the third Sofia meetings section Projects in Bank is 10, with six of them coming from CEE countries. Additionally, First Film First brings to Sofia eight more projects.

    The Works in Progress programme comprises 17 feature films and six documentaries.  

    Projects from CEE Countries:

    Second Film Projects:

    The Kingdom Of Chamla (Bulgaria)
    Directed by Victor Bojinov
    Produced by Gala Film

    Plus Minus One Projects:

    Deconstruction (Bulgaria)
    Directed by Pavel G. Vesnakov
    Produced by Red Carpet

    Inkwash (Romania)
    Directed by Sarra Tsorakidis
    Produced by Mandragora

    Let It Be (Poland)
    Directed by Łukasz Grzegorzek
    Produced by Koskino

    Panopticon (Georgia)
    Directed by George Sikharulidze
    Produced by 20 Steps Productions

    Windy Days Are Good For Flying (Bulgaria)
    Directed by Petar Krumov
    Produced by Klas Film

    In The Heart Of The Machine (Bulgaria)
    Directed by Martin Makariev
    Produced by Forward Pictures Entertainment

    Mira (Poland)
    Directed by Anna Jadowska
    Produced by Donten & Lacroix Films

    Mother (Bulgaria)
    Directed by Zornitsa Sophia
    Produced by MQ Pictures

    Petia of My Petia (Bulgaria)
    Directed by Alexander Kossev
    Produced by BOF Pictures/Concept Studio

    The Invisible Fight (Estonia)
    Directed by Rainer Sarnet
    Produced by Homeless Bob Production

    To The North (Romania)
    Directed by Mihai Mincan
    Produced by deFilm

    First Film First Projects:

    Blind Spot (Bulgaria)
    Directed by Stefka Mancheva
    Produced by Portokal

    Honey Bunny (Croatia)
    Directed by Igor Jelinović
    Produced by Eclectica

    Smaragda (Cyprus)
    Directed by Emilios Avraam
    Produced by AMP Filmworks

    The End Of the World (Serbia)
    Directed by Vojin Vasovic
    Produced by Platforma

    The Man Without Guilt (Slovenia)
    Directed by Ivan Gergolet
    Produced by Staragara

    The Eternity Package (Bulgaria)
    Directed by Magdelena Ilieva
    Produced by Agitprop

    Works in Progress:

    Feature Films:

    7 (Bulgaria)
    Directed by Ralitza Petrova, Hristo Simeonov, Dimitar Kutmanov, Lyubomir Mladenov, Pavel Vesnakov, Nikolay Todorov, Kristina Grozeva and Petar Valchanov
    Produced by Screening Emotions

    18% Grey (Bulgaria, Germany, Serbia, Belgium, Macedonia)
    Directed by Viktor Chouchkov
    Produced by Chouchkov Brothers
    Coproduced by Ostlicht Filmproduktion, Cinnamon Films, Raised By Wolves, Sektor Film

    A Dose Of Happiness (Bulgaria)
    Directed by Yana Titova
    Produced by NoBlink

    A Saint’s Life (Bulgaria)
    Directed by Georgi Stoyanov, Wojciech Todorow
    Produced by Screening Emotions

    Cat in The Wall (Bulgaria, UK, France)
    Directed by Mina Mileva, Vesela Kazakova
    Produced by Аctivist 38
    Coproduced by Glasshead ltd, Ici et La

    Once Upon A War (Bulgaria)
    Directed by Anri Koulev
    Produced by Koulev Film Production

    Outtakes Scenes From The Life Of An Actress (Bulgaria)
    Directed by Ivan Vladimirov
    Produced by Gala Film

    Rounds (Bulgaria,Serbia)
    Directed by Stephan Komandarev
    Produced by Argo Film
    Coproduced by SEE Film Pro

    The Father (Bulgaria, Greece)
    Directed by Kristina Grozeva, Petar Valchanov
    Produced by Abraxas Film
    Coproduced by Graal Films

    Till The Final Caprice (Bulgaria)
    Directed by Ivan Yurukov
    Produced by Vagabonti Films

    Twisted World (Bulgaria)
    Directed by Marius Kurkinski
    Produced by Ars Digital

    Who Am I And Where Do I Belong (Bulgaria)
    Directed by Ivaylo Markov
    Produced by Nova Idea Film
    Coproduced by Lema Film


    Ikarus From Kocherinovo (Bulgaria)
    Directed by Emil Spahiyski
    Produced by Contrast Films

    Legacy (Bulgaria)
    Directed by Petya Nakova
    Produced by Contrast Films

    Not Far Away From Heaven (Bulgaria,Poland, Germany)
    Directed by Christo Bakalski, Kornel Miglus
    Produced by Buldoc

    Novo Selo (Bulgaria)
    Directed by Dimitar Shopov
    Produced by Agitprop

    Solo (Czech Republic, France, Argentina, Austria)
    Directed by Artemio Benki
    Produced by Artcam
    Coproduced by Petit à Petit Production, Golden Girls Filmproduktion, Lomo Cine, Buen Destino
    Supported by the Czech Film Fund, Creative Europe Programme – MEDIA, CNC Centre National du cinéma et de l'image animée Avance sur recettes, INCAA Instituto Nacional de Cine y Artes Audiovisuales, Bundeskanleramt Österrereich – Kunst und Kultur, Eurimages

    Women’s Day (UK, Germany, Russia, Bulgaria)
    Directed by Dolya Gavanski
    Produced by Thea Films
    Coproduced by Elemag Pictures, Agitprop