PRODUCTION: Svetoslav Draganov Films Bulgarian/Romanian Coproduction

    Director Svetoslav Draganov (left) and DoP Vesselin Hristov Director Svetoslav Draganov (left) and DoP Vesselin Hristov Credit: Ivan Andreev

    SOFIA: Mostly known for his documentaries, the Bulgarian director Svetoslav Draganov started shooting his debut feature Waterfall CEO on 23 March 2019. The film is a Bulgarian/Romanian coproduction supported by the Bulgarian National Film Center and the Romanian Film Centre.

    The main character is a 40-year-old documentary film director Vassil, who is not much pleased with his creative achievements heretofore. A delicate long-term project, exploring the relationship between a sensitive monk and his mother, little by little takes Vassil away from his family. Svetoslav Draganov, Bogomil Dimitrov and Nevena Borisova wrote the script.

    “With my documentaries, I've always struggled to reach the inner world of my characters. Waterfall CEO gives me the opportunity to enter some unexplored spaces, as trying to respect an ethical and moral approach the way Kieslowski always did,“ Draganov told FNE.

    “Draganov seeks utmost authenticity, but at the same time he is not afraid of personal stories and improvisations”, producer Katya Trichkova also told FNE.

    The cast mixes well-known professional actors like Hristo Petrov, Miroslava Gogovska, Maria Statulova and Boris Lukanov with non-professionals including Atanas Bachorski, Detelin Benchev and Zdravko Dragnev.

    Svetoslav Draganov is producing through Cineaste Maudit Production in coproduction with Bulgaria’s Contrast Films and Romania’s Parada Film, Digital Cube and Correct Media. The budget is nearly 605,000 EUR. The project was developed at the 2017 Polish ScriptEast.

    The 30-days shoot is taking place mainly in Sofia but also in some beautiful surroundings including the Tarjishki monastery St. Ilia.

    Production Information:

    Cineaste Maudit Production (Bulgaria)
    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    Contrast Films (Bulgaria)
    Parada Film (Romania)
    Digital Cube (Romania)
    Correct Media (Romania)

    Director: Svetoslav Draganov
    Scriptwriters: Svetoslav Draganov,  Bogomil Dimitrov, Nevena Borisova
    DoP: Vesselin Hristov
    Cast: Hristo Petkov, Miroslava Gogovska, Yana Draganova, Atanas Bachorski, Detelin Benchev, Zdravko Dragnev, Maria Statulova, Boris Lukanov