GRANTS: Bulgaria Announces First Production Grants for 2019


    SOFIA: The Bulgarian National Film Center decided to allot 2,393,250 EUR / 4,786,500 BGN at its first session in 2019. Nine films, including two with high budgets, three with low budgets, one debut and three shorts, will receive production funding. Nine projects will also get development support.

    In addition, six minority coproduction projects will be supported. Four of them are feature films and two are documentaries.

    The amount of 943,500 EUR / 1,877,000 BGN will be split between two films: The Kingdom of Chamla (Gala Film) written by Deliana Maneva and directed by Victor Bojinov (Cinemaq); and Mother written by Zornitsa Sofia and Miglena Dimova – Kumitski and directed by Zornitsa Sofia, who also developed the project at ScripTeast

    Three low budget films will share the amount of 630,000 EUR / 1,260,000 BGN: The Naked Truth About The Zhiguly Group written by Vania Nikolova and Nelly Dimitrova, directed by Victor Bojinov (Concept Studio); Windless (Red Carpet) written by Teodora Markova, Nevena Kertova and Georgi Ivanov and directed by Pavel G.Vesnakov; and Triumph (Abraxas Film) written by Decho Taralejkov, Kristina Grozeva and Peter Valchanov and directed by Kristina Grozeva and Peter Valchanov.

    The production company Agitprop is expecting to receive 210,000 EUR / 420,000 BGN for the production of the debut feature film The Eternity Package written by Magdelena Ilieva and Johnattan Heiderlberger and directed by Magdelena Ilieva.

    The three shorts will split the amount of 75,000 EUR / 150,000 BNG and the nine projects selected for development support will split the amount of 90,000 EUR / 180,000 BNG.

    For the moment, the projects are only approved by the Selective committee and the amounts are tentative. In order to be considered as final all grants have to be approved by the Financial Committee.

    The grants were announced on 31 May 2019.

    Click HERE for the grants chart.