PRODUCTION: Bulgarian Director Victor Bojinov Preps Chamla

    The Chamla village The Chamla village

    SOFIA: Victor Bojinov is preparing his second feature Chamla (aka Kingdom Chamla). The film was to start shooting on 27 April 2020, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic the director is expected to resume work on it in early autumn.

    Bojinov, known for his domestic box office topper Heights (Serpentine Ltd, Bulgaria / Dream Factory, North Macedonia), is also appreciated for his participation in several TV series, especially Under Cover, which ran on Bulgarian National Television from 2011 to 2016.

    The script, written by Delyana Maneva, reveals the positive impact of a liberal eco commune on 17-year-old drug addict Danny, imprisoned in a military type rehabilitation center. Built in three acts the plot first shows the “light and free” eco-community, then shifts to the physically harsh rehab and finally culminates in a strong clash between the two groups. The drama takes place in the village of Chamla in the Rhodopi Mountains. Situated at an altitude of 1650 m with a panorama view of 360 degrees, the place has been abandoned for many years.

    “To me, the confrontation between these two communities, practicing radically opposite philosophies of life, corresponds to two main social models. The first one is defending personal freedom, equality and tolerance; the second is imposing violence as an instrument of power. That is why Chamla has a special place in my film career,” Bojinov told FNE. “Each of the three parts will be shot in a different visual look, but as a whole Chamla will show the greatness of the Rhodopi Mountains. Nature will be of extreme importance.”

    Alexander Kenderov is the lead, with Diana Dimitrova, Hristo Petkov, Snejana Makveeva, Venzislav Sariev, Dimitar Sulev, Nikolas Wanczycki, Ivan Savov, and Zvetan Apostolov. Anton Bakarski, one of Bojinov’s closest collaborators, is the DoP.

    Gala Film is producing. The project was approved for financing by the Bulgarian National Film Center in May 2019.

    Shooting is set to take place in extreme conditions. Nearly two hours of travel per day with off-road jeeps will be required. Additional cascades with motorcycles, rain, fire and night shootings should be provided.

    “We started the preproduction on 29 February 2020, but it had to end on 13 March. All the locations were approved, the camera and lighting equipment were provided, and the cast of the leads was completed. As the last location scout was on 11 March 2020, so now we are rescheduling everything,” producer Galina Toneva told FNE.

    Chamla is also supported by the Creative Europe Programme - MEDIA and was developed within the Mediterranean Film Institute.

    Production information:

    Gala Film
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    National coproducers:
    Magic Shop
    Maxim 15
    Concept Studio
    Leon Audio

    Director: Victor Bojinov
    Scriptwriter: Delyana Maneva
    DoP: Anton Bakarski
    Production Designer: Rossitsa Bakeva
    Composer: Petar Dundakov
    Editor: Nina Altaparmakova
    Cast: Alexander Kenderov, Diana Dimitrova, Hristo Petkov, Snejana Makveeva, Venzislav Sariev, Dimitar Sulev, Nikolas Wanczycki, Ivan Savov, Zvetan Apostolov