FNE at Golden Rose National Film Festival 2021: Petya of My Petya

    Petya of My Petya by Alexander Kossev Petya of My Petya by Alexander Kossev

    VARNA: Alexander Kossev’s debut feature Petya of My Petya will screen in the main competition of the 39th Golden Rose National Film Festival (23 – 29 September 2021). This low budget film is dedicated to the memory of the early deceased cult poet Petya Dubarova, who committed suicide in 1979 at the age of 17.

    Nelly Dimitrova and Valentina Angelova wrote the script, in which a talented young girl named Petya Monova leads her life in 2019. It happens that her problems strangely remind those the real protagonist passed through 40 years earlier. Both named Petya, the two girls begin to carry out imaginary meetings near the Burgas beach, which was one of the deceased poet's favourite places. There they discuss suicide and creativity.

    According to the writers, “the story is about Petya Dubarova, but not as a factual biography. The young woman is more present through her wisdom and talent.” 

    Young Alexandra Kostova and Alissa Atanasova play the two teenage girls named Petya, surrounded by Albena Pavlova, Julian Vergov, Orlin Pavlov, Iskra Donova, Monio Monev, Vasil Banov, Alena Vergova, Martin Metodiev and Alexander Miltchev.

    The film was shot in less than a month during the summer of 2019 in the city of Burgas. The most serious challenges for cinematographer Ivan Vatsov were related to underwater shootings.

    BOF Pictures is producing in cooperation with Concept Studio. The project was supported by the Bulgarian National Film Center and the Burgas municipality, and it was developed at the Varna edition of the Mannheim Meeting Place 2019.

    Petya of My Petya was supposed to open the Sofia IFF 2020, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic the domestic premiere was cancelled and the film was held for the 2021 edition, where it screened in the International Competition in March 2021. 

    The commercial release, earlier scheduled for October 2020, is now planned for 2022.

    Production Information:

    BOF Pictures (Bulgaria)
    Nikolay Urumov: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    Concept Studio (Bulgaria)

    Director: Alexander Kossev
    Scriptwriters: Nelly Dimitrova, Valentina Angelova
    DoP: Ivan Vatsov
    Music: George Stezov
    Cast: Alexandra Kostova, Alissa Atanasova, Albena Pavlova, Julian Vergov, Orlin Pavlov, Iskra Donova, Monio Monev, Vasil Banov, Alena Vergova, Martin Metodiev, Alexander Miltchev