PRODUCTION: Bulgarian Director Viktor Chouchkov Jr. Develops War of the Letters TV Series

    War of the Letters by Victor Chouchkov Jr. War of the Letters by Victor Chouchkov Jr. credit: Midwest

    SOFIA: Bulgarian director Viktor Chouchkov Jr. is currently in development with War of the Letters, an ambitious 12-part period series set in the 10th century. The Bulgarian National Television (BNT) is backing with nearly 900,000 EUR the producer Midwest, which is coproducing together with Nu Boyana Film Studios.

    Dedicated to the preservation, protection and enforcement of the Cyrillic alphabet during the centuries, this mega-project is based on the eponymous novel by successful young writer Ludmila Filipova. According to her „no one has yet looked at the Middle Ages in terms of the war of the letters“. First published in 2014, Filipova’s literary work is now being adapted for the TV by the established screenwriting trio Teodora Markova, Nevena Kertova and Georgi Ivanov.

    Despite the fact that casting is currently being held, "due to the great curiosity for the Cyrillic alphabet plot", experienced producer Gabriel Georgiev expects to attract a third European coproducer soon.

    According to Gabriel Georgiev “since the 10th century to this day, things have not changed a lot geopolitically. Weapons can give some temporary advantage in the conquest of a territory, but they do not give the power over peoples’ consciousness. Russia's invasion of Ukraine and the resistance of the Ukrainian people prove this.”

    “We want to unveil a period of nearly 40 years when Tsar Simeon I the Great ruled the First Bulgarian Empire. We will follow the emotional backbone of the story on the impossible love between a man and a woman who happen to be prince and princess. At the same time, I want to show the complex relationships within the specific geopolitical restrictions”, director Viktor Chouchkov Jr. told FNE.

    Boris Slavkov, who has already shot a number of TV series, is the DoP. Sofia-based French production designer Axel Nicolet and costumes designer Marta Mironska play key roles in the restoration of the past. „There hasn't been a Bulgarian series or film set so far back in time in years. Therefore, Axel Nicolet is making a thorough study, especially related to the ancient Bulgarian capital Veliki Preslav. In order to show the urban look of Constantinople, we will use Nu Boyana’s huge Roman sets. The studios will also provide us with unique costumes and props,” producer Georgiev added.

    Nu Boyana will additionally provide transportation services, camera and lightning equipment, as well as the visual effects.

    Principal photography is due to start in July 2022 and will last 12 weeks.

    The broadcast on BNT is planned for 2023.

    Production Information:

    Midwest (Bulgaria)
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    Nu Boyana Film Studios (Bulgaria)

    Director: Viktor Chouchkov Jr.
    Scriptwriters: Teodora Markova, Nevena Kertova, Georgi Ivanov
    DoP: Boris Slavkov
    Production designer: Axel Nicolet
    Costumes designer: Marta Mironska