FNE at Cannes 2022: Bulgarian Cinema in Cannes

By Bulgarian National Film Center

    Bulgaria is waiting for you! For many years, Bulgaria has been one of the most popular international filming locations in the Balkans. In order to stimulate its growth a 25% cash rebate incentive program has been introduced by the Executive Agency National Film Center from January 2022. The scheme applies to international productions on eligible costs incurred on the territory of Bulgaria.

    Bulgaria’s incentive has a cap of €1m per project and is designed to encompass feature films, animation, TV movies, series, and documentaries. To qualify every production must pass the qualification / culture test, has to be filmed partly or entirely in Bulgaria and the feature must be intended for public release or broadcast. “We have simplified the whole application process so that is hassle free and as easy as possible allowing production to focus on their tasks rather than on administrative processes. We are here to help and support productions and not hinder them with overbearing bureaucracy.,” said Peter Todorov the Executive Director of the Film Center.

    From the beginning of 2022 seventeen projects have been approved for the incentive program

    Since the introduction of the cash rebate program in the beginning of the year the interest has steadily been growing and we expect many more projects to apply. It is not only the 25% incentive but also the 10% corporate tax that makes Bulgaria the only logical choice for any production of any size.

    The Bulgarian crews are very experienced, highly skilled, and English speaking. Sofia has several state – of – the – art and world class studios.

    The team of the Executive Agency National Film Center is ready to assist and advise all applicants throughout the process from application to reporting in order to ensure its smooth running.

    As a destination, Bulgaria offers everything - from the sandy beaches of the Black Sea to the snowcapped peaks of the Rila and Pirin Mountains, to the continental Danubian plain, all within five hours’ drive of each other, as well as cultural historical sites and original urban locations. These unique locations and landscapes further compliment the rebate program and offer wonderful shooting opportunities with fantastic vistas and excellent lighting options.

    Bulgaria has long standing traditions in the film industry. There are experienced crew both set workers, and technician fluent and multilingual. There are several fully equipped studios, with production infrastructure from standing film sets of different cities to large ancient sets, underwater production facility, costumes and vehicles saving companies having to ship these from other countries. There are also many qualified post – production companies.

    Bulgaria has a represented stand at Cannes Film Festival - stand no 131, where you can come and discuss your projects and opportunities to join the incentive program.

    Join us!