Sofia Meetings 2022 Ready to Kick Off


    SOFIA: The 19th edition of the Sofia Meetings coproduction market will take place as a physical and online event from 6 to 12 June 2022. The event was due to take place during the 26th Sofia International Film Fest (10-31, March 2022), but it was postponed from its usual dates.

    The Plus Minus One Projects competition for first or third projects includes 12 titles, with seven coming from Central and Southern European countries, two from the Ukraine, one from Greece, one from Turkey and one from Israel.

    The competition for Second film projects includes four titles, while the First Film First Projects training programme includes eight projects. There are six projects In Bank, including five Bulgarian projects and one Turkish.

    Four TV series projects, all from Central and Southern Europe, will also compete this year. Divided into three sections, the Works in Progress programme will showcase 14 fiction feature film, seven documentary and five short film projects.

    Over 130 film industry professionals are expected to take part in the event.


    Plus Minus One Projects:

    A Cry Like a Beautiful Song (Czech Republic)
    Directed by Beata Parkanová
    Produced by Infinity Prague Production

    As Shadows Fade (Turkey)
    Directed by Burcu Aykar
    Produced by Liman Film & Solis Film

    As If You Were Never Here (Israel, Georgia)
    Directed by Eti Tsicko
    Produced by Amir Harel

    Blok 62 (Croatia)
    Directed by Vanja Vascarac
    Produced by Antitalent

    Madagaskarplan (Ukraine)
    Directed by Ivan Orlenko
    Produced by Good Morning Films

    No Smoking at the Border (Ukraine)
    Directed by Svitlana Topor
    Produced by Emily Production

    Paris 18 (Bulgaria)
    Directed by Kitodar Todorov
    Produced by Little Wing Productions

    Prometheus (Greece)
    Directed by Yiorgos Fourtounis
    Produced by Blackbird Production

    Remains of Life (Bulgaria)
    Directed by Sevda Shishmanova
    Produced by Red Carpet

    The Collaborator (Latvia, Lithuania)
    Directed by Andris Gauja
    Produced by Riverbed

    The Father (Slovakia)
    Directed by Tereza Nvotová
    Produced by DANAE Production

    The Real Beings (Georgia)
    Directed by Vakhtang Jajanidze
    Produced by Magnet Films

    Second Film Projects:

    Chica Checa (Czech Republic)
    Directed by Simon Holy
    Produced by Silk Films

    Escape NET (Latvia)
    Directed by Dzintars Dreibergs
    Produced by Kultfilma

    Immaculate (Greece)
    Directed bySteve Krikris
    Produced by Filmiki Production

    The Lost Son (Slovenia)
    Directed by Darko Štante
    Produced by Staragara

    First Film First Projects:

    Our Father (Serbia)
    Directed by Goran Stanković
    Produced by This and That Productions

    Consequences of Freedom (Albania)
    Directed by Lorin Terezi
    Produced by Tunnel Film

    Secretary of the Year (Croatia)
    Directed by Silva Ćapin
    Produced by Rea Rajčić

    A Girl Named Zeus (Greece)
    Directed by Nikos Dayandas
    Produced by Aori Films

    Fantasy (Slovenia)
    Directed by Kukla K
    Produced by December Film

    Aisha (North Macedonia)
    Directed by Hanis Bagashov
    Produced by Hanis Bagashov

    Vanja (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Germany)
    Directed by Aleksandra Odić
    Produced by JIB Film und Verleih

    No Reverse (Montenegro)
    Directed by Branislav Milatovic
    Produced by Bitter Frames Production

    Projects in Bank:

    Axis of Life (Bulgaria)
    Directed by Atanas Hristoskov
    Produced by Invictus Ltd

    Ask the Wind (Bulgaria)
    Directed by Dimitar Kotzev-Shosho
    Produced by Cinelibri

    Love in Cold War Time (Bulgaria)
    Directed by Lubomir Halatchev
    Produced by Dekidis Films

    Sleepless (Turkey)
    Directed by Zeynep Ansoy
    Produced by OJO Pictures

    Day Player (Bulgaria, US)
    Directed by Maria Bobeva
    Produced by Hitter Petter Productions

    Ave Maria (Bulgaria)
    Directed by Georgi Stoev-Jackie
    Produced by ARS Digital Studio

    TV Series Projects:

    Childocracy (Latvia)
    Directed byJanisAbele
    Produced by Riverbed

    Elephant (Hungary)
    Directed by David Csicskar
    Produced by Proton Cinema

    Afterparty (Croatia)
    Directed by Dina Duma, MilicaTomovic
    Produced by Antitalent

    Your Man Tony (Bulgaria)
    Directed by Kamen Kolarov
    Produced by Dekidis Films