Caretaker Minister of Culture Reappointed in Bulgaria


    SOFIA: Velislav Minekov, professor at the National Academy of Art, was reappointed as Caretaker Minister of Culture in Bulgaria. After holding the same position from May to December 2021, he was again invited by the President of Bulgaria Rumen Radev to his new interim Cabinet, which will rule the country until the next parliamentary elections on 2 October 2022.

    Velislav MinekovDuring a press conference on 12 August 2022, Velislav Minekov stated that he was concerned that a large part of the ministry’s budget would not be spent by the end of the year. However, his main objective will be an increase in the ministry's budget by 0.2% of GDP.  “I come with good intentions and what I propose must be done. I will certainly not succeed in two months, but this time I will make sure that everyone who comes to the Ministry after me does not act only on their own”, Minekov said.

    The fourth interim Cabinet of Rumen Radev was formed after the Coalition led by PM Kiril Petkov lost the majority on 22 June 2022. According to an official statement by President Rumen Radev, “in the midst of a deep crisis, incumbent ministers must rule without the support of a functioning Parliament”.

    Professor Minekov teaches sculpture, metal design, metal art, stone art and restoration. He taught students in Bulgaria, Germany, Turkey and the United Arab Emirates.
    His monumental and cavalier works at home as well as abroad, and his numerous awards brought him international recognition. He is also an active supporter of cultural heritage preservation and a defender of copyright.

    Velislav Minekov was reappointed as the Caretaker Minister of Culture on 2 August 2022.