FNE at 40th Anniversary Golden Rose FF: Anna

    Radina Kardjilova in Anna by Borimir Ilkov-Bono Radina Kardjilova in Anna by Borimir Ilkov-Bono Courtesy fo Golden Rose FF

    VARNA: Borimir Ilkov-Bono’s first feature film Anna will screen in the main competition of the 40th Anniversary Golden Rose National Film Festival (23 – 29 September 2022).

    Teodora Doncheva’s initial idea about over 40 years old Anna, seeking to conceive from a donor, but getting pregnant in a brutal way, had been developed for almost four years. Teodora Markova, Nevena Kertova and Georgi Ivanov finalised the script by adding a delicate tone in the careful observation of Anna’s hesitations before making a most uneasy decision. The inclusion of a large Roma family elevates the story to a parable.

    According to director Borimir Ilkov-Bono “this is a very feminine film, because next to the main character there are three more women: Anna's mother, the rapist's mother and the pregnant gipsy mother. Outside of the newsroom, where Anna works as a journalist with her editor-in-chief, she is mostly surrounded by women. On the other side, the Roma family involves her in a mystic ritual from ancient times. Therefore, the central theme of the film becomes the one of forgiveness as a dense spiritual experience”, said Borimir Ilkov-Bono.

    Famous Radina Kardzhilova is the lead. Ten-year-old NedkaYordanova, Krasimira Fatima-Leyla Karabulut and Valeri Lekov perform the main Roma roles surrounded by a number of authentic extras. Experienced Stanka Kalcheva, Plamena Getova and Vasil Binev enrich the cast.

    Shooting lasted for 18 days and took place in September and October 2021. A large part of the film was shot in a gypsy ghetto not far from Sofia.

    Martin Dimitrov is the DoP and his work underlines the colder tonality at the medical lab and the warmer colours in the Roma neighborhood. Minko Lambov’s music additionally adds typical gypsy emotions.

    Geopoly is the producer with 200,000 EUR granted by the Bulgarian National Film Center.

    A+ will start theatrical distribution in the spring of 2023.

    Production Information:

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    Director: Borimir Ilkov - Bono
    Scriptwriters: Teodora Markova, Nevena Kertova, Georgi Ivanov, Teodora Doncheva
    DoP: Martin Dimitrov
    Music: Minko Lambov
    Cast: Radina Kardzhilova, NedkaYordanova, Krasimira Fatima-Leyla Karabulut, Valeri Lekov, Stanka Kalcheva, Plamena Getova, Vasil Binev, Yordan Russin, Dobrin Dosev, Veselin Mezekliev